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IBM Rational AppScan

In my last post, I introduced my role as Solution Engineer for our IBM partnership and how many exciting solutions we have coming out in our partnership.  Today I’m going to briefly cover one of our latest releases, the IBM Rational AppScan... Read more
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F5 Friday: The Evolution of Reference Architectures to Repeatable Architectures

A reference architecture is a solution with the “some assembly required” instructions missing.     As a developer and later an enterprise architect, I evaluated and leveraged untold number of “reference architectures.”... Read more
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Next-Generation Management of Data Centers Should be Modeled on Social Networking

Should the next generation management of network and application network devices look and act more like Facebook and Twitter? Infrastructure 2.0 could take us there. Y ou may think I’m kidding and certainly I make this proposal with some amount... Read more
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Will 2008 be the year for C++?

I was trolling through my feeds this morning and saw the post "Developers Will Find C Applications Playing Surprisingly Strategic Role in 2008 with Multi-Core and SOA" Oh Realy? Not if Microsoft, Sun, IBM, BEA, Apache, or any othe... Read more
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