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Virtualize This.

#ApplicationMobility holds a place in IT’s future. Check out this app virtualization and movement tool. We in IT have spent a ton of time, ink, and electrons discussing server virtualization, and with good reason. Server virtualization did... Read more
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When VDI Comes Calling

It is an interesting point/counterpoint to read up about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment or lack thereof. The industry definitely seems to be split on whether VDI is the wave of the future or not, what its level of deployment is,... Read more
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F5 Friday: The Evolution of Reference Architectures to Repeatable Architectures

A reference architecture is a solution with the “some assembly required” instructions missing.     As a developer and later an enterprise architect, I evaluated and leveraged untold number of “reference architectures.”... Read more
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F5 Friday: A War of Ecosystems

Nokia’s brutally honest assessment of its situation identifies what is not always obvious in the data center - it’s about an ecosystem.  In what was certainly a wake-up call for many, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop tells his organization its... Read more
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Cloud Usage: What If We’re Doing It Wrong?

Lori and I were talking shop over the weekend, and one of the things a co-worker had said on an email thread triggered an entire series of observations from me. Not being one to keep my mouth shut, I thought I’d share them with you and lead you to... Read more
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F5 Friday: The Dynamic VDI Security Game

Balancing security, speed, and scalability is easy if you have the right infrastructure. A dynamic infrastructure. All the talk about “reusing” and “sharing” resources in highly virtualized and cloud computing environments makes it sound... Read more
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Eliminating Data Center Vertigo with F5 and Microsoft

Without the proper feedback an automated data center can experience vertigo, leaving end-users dizzy and frustrated. As organizations continue to virtualize and automate the data center in their quest to liberate themselves and their users from... Read more
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F5 Friday: THE Database Gets Some Love

The database has long been the black sheep of application infrastructure; oft dismissed with a casual hand-wave in discussions involving acceleration and scalability. Finally, the database gets some much deserved application delivery love. ... Read more
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Return of the Web Application Platform Wars

If developers will not write “virtualization aware” applications, who will? The future of application development platforms may be at stake… Right now developers are packaging up applications in virtual machines and deploying them. That’s... Read more
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Holiday Gifts: An ARX For Me, An Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Plug-in for You!

Well, this is my “on vacation” blog, so I’ll keep it short. This holiday season I received a big box from our Data Solutions Group that I’m told contains an ARX for my play-time and will no doubt fill your reading time in the new year. Assuming... Read more
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Microsoft Exchange 2010: HELO New Architecture

Microsoft has made some fairly substantial changes to the core architecture of Exchange 2010. Given that messaging can only be described as business critical today, it’s no surprise that many new aspects of Exchange 2010 and in particular its ne... Read more
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Cloud Computing’s (not so) Best Kept Secret

Cloud providers know the secret to a successful cloud computing implementation is integration between the infrastructure and virtualization Ever notice that cloud providers are v e r y reluctant to reveal on what foundation their cloud computing... Read more
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Building an elastic environment requires elastic infrastructure

One of the reasons behind some folks pushing for infrastructure as virtual appliances is the on-demand nature of a virtualized environment. When network and application delivery infrastructure hits capacity in terms of throughput - regardless of... Read more
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