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Approaching cloud standards with end-user focus only is full of fail

If you’re looking at standardization and interoperability efforts only as they relate to providers or end-users then you’re not thinking long term nor are you really considering the potential of cloud computing and virtualization to revolutionize... Read more
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SOA isn't dead, but its standards are

The spirit of SOA and its core principles are still very much alive, but we can't call it SOA any more because, well, SOA is (pretty much) officially dead, at least according to folks on the tubes and we all know that if you hear it on the... Read more
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Ruby - Scalable on its own?

Sometimes you read an article and it gets you giggling. No you don't? Okay, sometimes I read an article and it gets me giggling. I have a history with the press, and it left me with two distinct beliefs. First, look for the bias in the... Read more
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Mashup: SDBP Boston, Caching and iRules - oh my!

Whew! It's been a whirlwind of a couple weeks.  Between the annual F5 sales conference, where Joe and I presented to a bunch of awesome F5 techies, followed immediately by a very cool trip to present with the famed Lori at the SD Best... Read more
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Cloud Computing: The Last Definition You'll Ever Need

The VirtualDC has asked the same question that's been roaming about in every technophile's head since the beginning of the cloud computing craze: what defines a cloud? We've chatted internally about this very question, which led to... Read more
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Cloud Computing: It's the destination, not the journey that is important

How the cloud acts and is used is more important than where it physically resides Cloud computing and SOA suffer from the same lack of prescriptive architectures. They are defined by how they act rather than what they are, or from what they are... Read more
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Compliance in the Cloud

Who is responsible for security in the cloud? Let's say you just developed a web app through which customers can order widgets. You're pretty sure your widgets are going to be the hit of the year and you want to make sure that you... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 7/25/2008

I'm back with another week's worth of DevCentral goodness for you. The DC team just keeps rocking along and putting out all sorts of awesome content. That is of course in my completely neutral, un-biased opinion. This week I'll take... Read more
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Taco Tuesday with Jason Hoffman, Joyent CTO

So it looks like Joe and I are going to have to take a trip down to San Fran to check out Nick's Crispy Tacos with Jason Hoffman, CTO and co-founder of Joyent. Jason puts on a "Taco Tuesday" on the third Tuesday of just about every... Read more
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Scaling Ruby on Rails to 1 Billion Page Views a Month

A while ago I blogged about how F5 was making mongrels better with a Side of Mayo.  I referenced a blog post on Joyent's wonderful Joyeur blog on why Joyent uses F5's BIG-IP for their customers.  Well, those krazy kids at Joyent... Read more
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