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LineRate scripting and reducing large application latency

Can LineRate’s Node.js Scripting help reduce response time latency for large applications? Recently, a talk at Velocity 2014 by Jeff Dean gave me some ideas for a quick script to do just that. The idea is simple; any time a response is not... Read more
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Cloud: Impact of DNS on Performance

#webperf #devops Developers and operations must work together to mitigate the impact of hybrid architectures on application performance One of the ramifications of relying on off-premise cloud infrastructure is that you're necessarily stuck... Read more
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Bare Metal Blog: Throughput Sometimes Has Meaning

#BareMetalBlog Knowing what to test is half the battle. Knowing how it was tested the other. Knowing what that means is the third. That’s some testing, real clear numbers. In most countries, top speed is no longer the thing that auto manufacturer... Read more
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Mainframes are dead, Right?

Funny thing about the hype cycle in high tech, things rarely turn out the way cheerleaders proclaim it will. Mainframes did not magically disappear in any of the waves that predicted their demise. The reason is simple – there is a lot of code... Read more
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Performance in the Cloud: Business Jitter is Bad

#fasterapp #ccevent While web applications aren’t sensitive to jitter, business processes are. One of the benefits of web applications is that they are generally transported via TCP, which is a connection-oriented protocol designed to assure... Read more
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RTT (Round Trip Time): Aka – Why bandwidth doesn’t matter

A great post over on ajaxian got me to thinking today.  Why is it whenever you hear people talking about speed on the internet, they use a single metric?  Whether they’re discussing the connection in the datacenter, their residential... Read more
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Load Balancing on the Inside

Business critical internal processing systems often require high-availability and fault tolerance, too. Load balancing and application delivery is almost always associated with scaling out interactive, web-based applications. Rarely does anyone... Read more
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The Bandwidth of Sneakernet to the Cloud

Just what is the bandwidth of a van full of hard drives traveling 300 miles at a speed of 65 mph? After a short Twitter discussion based on this post which suggested Ye Olde Sneakernet is the best way to transfer large data sets from the... Read more
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Dear Slashdot: You get what you pay for

Open Source SSL Accelerator solution not as cost effective or well-performing as you think o3 Magazine has a write up on building an SSL accelerator out of Open Source components. It’s a compelling piece, to be sure, that was picked up by... Read more
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HTTP Pipelining: A security risk without real performance benefits

Everyone wants web sites and applications to load faster, and there’s no shortage of folks out there looking for ways to do just that. But all that glitters is not gold, and not all acceleration techniques actually do all that much to accelerate... Read more
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Would you risk $31,000 for milliseconds of application response time?

Keep in mind that the time it takes a human being to blink is an average of 300 – 400 milliseconds. I just got back from Houston where I helped present on F5’s integration with web application security vendor White Hat, a.k.a. virtual patching.... Read more
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A Brief Journey Through Time

I was excited when I first spoke to the DevCentral team about deploying WebAccelerator, as what they were faced with was exactly the same problems I hear from customers on a regular basis.    Web applications have evolved over the years... Read more
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Curing the Business-class Broadband Blues with Cloud Computing

One of the most affordable options for small and medium businesses in terms of Internet connectivity is business-class service from cable and telco providers like Time Warner Cable, Cox, Verizon, and AT&T. Unfortunately, the definition of... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - L is for lots of things

Lots of "L" words kept popping into my head and I was having trouble choosing just one as they are all important. L is for Latency - Lori and Joe have previously written about latency so I won't rehash what has already been said. L... Read more
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The Networking ABC's - A through Z

In yesterday's post, I finished up my Networking ABC's with the final post of Z.  For those of you who can't find my ABCs tag list on my blog, I figured I'd list them all for you in one place.  A is for AuthB is for... Read more
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The Best Post on Latency You Will Ever Read

No, it's not this one. It's not even mine. It's this one on High Scalability written by Todd Hoff. Not only does he explain latency and its sources, but its costs. Then he goes on to offer a plethora of ways to reduce latency. A... Read more
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