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The Real News is Not that Facebook Serves Up 1 Trillion Pages a Month…

It’s how much load that really generates and how it scales to meet the challenge. There’s some amount of debate whether Facebook really crossed over the one trillion page view per month threshold. While one report says it did, another... Read more
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Business-Layer Load Balancing

One of the interesting points that discussions around intercloud brings up is the need for infrastructure to, if you’ll pardon the use of marketing jargon, align with the business. What that really means is that applications and their supporting... Read more
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Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel

The importance of context in solving the problems created by tying web applications to deeply rooted local metaphors (IP addresses). The relationship between IP addresses and web applications to most end-users is much like the metaphorical... Read more
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Architects Need to Better Leverage Virtualization

Leveraging virtualization as a means to create a specialized architecture can realize significant gains in performance and IT efficiency With all the talk about “packaging up applications” in a virtual machine and shipping them off to the cloud,... Read more
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Why you still need layer 7 persistence

Tony Bourke of the Load Balancing Digest points out that mega proxies are largely dead. Very true. He then wonders whether layer 7 persistence is really all that important today, as it was largely implemented to solve the pro... Read more
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I do not think that word means what you think it means

Greg Ferro over at My Etherealmind has a, for lack of a better word, interesting entry in his Network Dictionary on the term "Application Delivery Controller." He says:Application Delivery Controller (ADC) - Historically known as a “load... Read more
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Layer 7 Switching + Load Balancing = Layer 7 Load Balancing

Modern load balancers (application delivery controllers) blend traditional load-balancing capabilities with advanced, application aware layer 7 switching to support the design of a highly scalable, optimized application delivery network.... Read more
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Making the most of your IP address space with layer 7 switching

Organizations trying to make their presence known on the Internet today run into an interesting dilemma - there's just not enough IP addresses to go around. Long gone are the days when any old organization could nab a huge chunk of a Class A... Read more
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