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BIG-IQ Reporting for Subscriptions and ELA - How to Generate and Revoke Licenses for Isolated BIG-IP VE Instances

Ever wonder how to generate subscription and ELA reports for BIG-IP virtual editions not connected to BIG-IQ? Now you can find out with DevCentral. Revel in the magical world of generating and revoking licenses for BIG-IP VE in isolated environments. Read more
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So you're going to the Cloud? Make sure you're using the 5 Minute Cloud Licensing Challenge

Moving to the Cloud sounds simple enough, but as you start it becomes clear that this is a major change. There are many questions that must be answered. How will I move and orchestrate hundreds of applications? Which applications should go first?... Read more
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You named your products "Good, Better and Best?" What were you thinking?

“Funny … but really, what are the names you’re going to market with?” “I’m not presenting these to my customer. They’re too simple.” And that’s when I knew we’d gotten it right. After all, the objective for licensing is to make it simple... Read more
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AWS re:Invent 2014: That’s a Wrap!

I wrap up a great week from AWS re:Invent. We really appreciate you taking the time to view these and hope they are helpful as you journey to the cloud. Plus, we have a lot of fun producing them. Special thanks to Jeff Stathatos, Cyrus Rafii and... Read more
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