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If Load Balancers Are Dead Why Do We Keep Talking About Them?

Commoditized from solution to feature, from feature to function, load balancing is no longer a solution but rather a function of more advanced solutions that’s still an integral component for highly-available, fault-tolerant applications. ... Read more
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Intro to Load Balancing for Developers – The Algorithms

If you’re new to this series, you can find the complete list of articles in the series on my personal page hereIf you are writing applications to sit behind a Load Balancer, it behooves you to at least have a clue what the algorithm your... Read more
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Intro Load Balancing for Developers – the Architect’s View

Okay, there are a zillion bits about load balancing including introductions and articles for developers, but I’m throwing this out in a blog format so we can be more chatty and less “instructional”. To that end, I’ll be a lot more laid back than... Read more
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Cloud Computing and Infrastructure 2.0

Not every infrastructure vendor needs new capabilities to support cloud computing and infrastructure 2.0.  Greg Ness of Infoblox has an excellent article on "The Next Tech Boom: Infrastructure 2.0" that is showing up everywhere.... Read more
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Some requests are more equal than others

This is an interesting little article on load balancing that's very close and yet very far from being completely accurate in today's world. Overall the author does a good job of hitting upon the basic concepts of load balancing, why... Read more
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