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Load Balancing versus Application Routing

As the lines between DevOps and NetOps continue to blur thanks to the highly distributed models of modern application architectures, there rises a need to understand the difference between load balancing and application routing. These are not the... Read more
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Cloud bursting, the hybrid cloud, and why cloud-agnostic load balancers matter

Cloud Bursting and Hybrid Cloud When researching cloud bursting, there are many directions Google may take you. Perhaps you come across services for airplanes that attempt to turn cloudy wedding days into memorable events. Perhaps you'd... Read more
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Does Your Cloud Quiesce? It Should.

#cloud #sdn Without the ability to gracefully shutdown the "contraction" side of elasticity may be problematic Quiescence, in a nutshell, is your mom telling you to "finish what you're doing but don't start anything new... Read more
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1024 Words: Least Connections is Not Least Loaded

#webperf #ado When load balancing, workload profile matters Read more
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Simplifying Application Architecture in a Dynamic Data Center through Virtualization

Application architecture has never really been easy, but the introduction of virtualization may make it even less easy – unless you plan ahead Most applications today maintain at least two if not three or more "tiers" within their... Read more
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The Limits of Cloud: Gratuitous ARP and Failover

#Cloud is great at many things. At other things, not so much. Understanding the limitations of cloud will better enable a successful migration strategy. One of the truisms of technology is that takes a few years of adoption before folks really... Read more
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F5 Friday: How to Stop Running the Project Gauntlet of Doom with DevOps

#devops #video #puppet #stack RedHat puppetizes its infrastructure to reduce inefficiency and streamline deployment I could cite various studies, pundits, and research to prove that automation improves the overall success rates of continuous... Read more
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Virtual Fragmentation Should Not Result in Network Fragmentation

#virtualization #VDI #SDN Multiple goals = multiple hypervisors. This complicates things a bit, doesn't it? It is quite difficult to find any environment that is truly homogeneous today. Even home networks, which at one time may have... Read more
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Back to Basics: Health Monitors and Load Balancing

#webperf #ado Because every connection counts One of the truisms of architecting highly available systems is that you never, ever want to load balance a request to a system that is down. Therefore, some sort of health (status) monitoring is... Read more
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Back to Basics: The Theory of (Performance) Relativity

#webperf #ado Choice of load balancing algorithms is critical to ensuring consistent and acceptable performance   One of the primary reasons folks use a Load balancer is scalability with a secondary driver of maintaining performance. We... Read more
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Filling the SLA Gap in the Cloud

#webperf #ado Meeting user expectations of fast and available applications becomes more difficult as you relinquish more and more control… User expectations with respect to performance are always a concern for IT. Whether it's monitoring... Read more
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F5 Friday: Secure Data in Flight

#bigdata #infosec Fat apps combined with SSL Everywhere strategies suggest a need for more powerful processing in the application delivery tier  According to Netcraft, who tracks these kinds of things, SSL usage has doubled from 2008 and... Read more
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Of Escalators and Network Traffic

Escalators are an interesting first world phenomenon. While not strictly necessary anywhere, they still turn up all over in most first-world countries. The key to their popularity is, no doubt, the fact that they move traffic much more quickly... Read more
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Load Balancing 101: Active-Active In the Cloud

#cloud #virtualization Why active-active is not best practice in the data center, and shouldn't be in the cloud either. Last time we dove into a "Load Balancing 101" discussion we looked at the difference between architected for... Read more
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Load Balancing 101: Scale versus Fail

#cloud Elasticity is a design pattern for scalability, not necessarily failability. One of the phrases you hear associated with cloud computing is "architecting for failure." Rather than build in a lot of hardware-level redundancy... Read more
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F5 Friday: Devops for DNS

#devops #cloud Managing a global presence – especially in the cloud – can introduce additional complexity. Back in the day when virtualization and cloud were just making waves, one of the first challenges made obvious was managing IP... Read more
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F5 Friday: Enhancing Microsoft Exchange 2013

#Microsoft #Exchange load balancing is just the beginning… Throughout the years, F5 BIG-IP has been a critical component supporting Microsoft Exchange to implement a variety of performance, security, and architectural requirements. During... Read more
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F5 Friday: Automating Operations with F5 and VMware

#cloud #virtualization #vmworld #devops Integrating F5 and VMware with the vCloud Ecosystem Framework to achieve automated operations A third of IT professionals, when asked about the status of their IT cross-collaboration efforts1 (you know,... Read more
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Random Acts of Optimization.

When I first embarked on my application development career, I was a code optimization junky. Really, making things faster, more efficient, the tightest it could get was a big deal to me. That routine you wrote to solve a one-off problem often... Read more
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F5 ... Wednesday: VMware Business Process Desktop and F5 BIG-IP

#vmworld #vdi #byod #infosec #F5 supports VMware’s latest VDI initiative: BPD  When remote office connectivity first became a reality there began to emerge a variety of requirements specific to needs of the business and remote users. Over... Read more
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The Challenges of Cloud: Infrastructure Diaspora

#webperf #cloud With performance rising as a concern for cloud computing adoption, the disparity between services in the data center and the cloud needs to be addressed. One of the negative's of cloud computing is it's one-size-fits-all... Read more
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Architecting Scalable Infrastructures: CPS versus DPS

#webperf As we continue to find new ways to make connections more efficient, capacity planning must look to other metrics to ensure scalability without compromising performance. Infrastructure metrics have always been focused on speeds and... Read more
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SDN is Network Control. ADN is Application Control.

#SDN is disruptive but it's not destructive, especially not at layer 4-7 In the wake of VMware's acquisition of SDN notable Nicira there was a whole lot of behind-the-scenes scrambling to understand the impact to the entire networking... Read more
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Curing the Cloud Performance Arrhythmia

#cloud #webperf Maintaining Consistent Performance of Elastic Applications in the Cloud Requires the Right Mix of Services Arrhythmias are most often associated with the human heart. The heart beats in a specific, known and measurable rhythm to... Read more
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