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The Secret to Doing Cloud Scalability Right

Hint: The answer lies in being aware of the entire application context and a little pre-planning Thanks to the maturity of load balancing services and technology, dynamically scaling applications in pre-cloud and cloud computing environments is... Read more
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Cloud Testing: The Next Generation

It seems only fair that as the Internet caused the problem, it should solve it. One of the negatives of deploying an Internet-scale infrastructure and application is that until it’s put to the test, you can’t have 100 percent confidence that... Read more
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It’s 2am: Do You Know What Algorithm Your Load Balancer is Using?

The wrong load balancing algorithm can be detrimental to the performance and scalability of your web applications. When you’re mixing and matching virtual or physical servers you need to take care with how you configure your Load balancer – and... Read more
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Infrastructure Matters: Challenges of Cloud-based Testing

An interesting thing happened on the way to testing that application from the cloud. We broke the innertubes! Pros and Cons of Application Testing in the Cloud A firm wanted to test their application and need 100 browser instances. In the old days... Read more
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Load Testing as a Service: A Look at Load Impact (beta)

I admit it. I’m a load / performance testing junkie. During my years with Network Computing I burned through any number of solutions designed to throw more traffic at products than money Congress is throwing at failed banks these days. And I do... Read more
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