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MWC 2015 – Enhancing Subscriber’s Quality of Experience (feat Mahmoodi)

Misbah Mahmoodi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, does a great job explaining the service provider challenges with the exponential growth in data usage from a subscriber point of view. For mobile operators, one of the worst things that subscribers... Read more
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Mobile Service Providers are missing a Key Security Issue - And it is not DNS

#MWC15 Barcelona is a great city, but with 100,000 people coming to the city for Mobile World Congress, it is expected that the criminals will come in force to prey upon these unwary travelers. When I travel, I am careful to protect myself from... Read more
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MWC 2015 – How LTE Roaming Works (feat Nas)

Peter Nas, Sr. Solution Architect, explains what happens when the many MWC attendees from all over the world arrive in Barcelona and need to connect their mobile devices to a carrier network. Peter does a great job walking us through what happens... Read more
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LTE: Context is King

The ubiquity and influence of LTE is intensifying by the day. According to the 2014 Ericsson Mobility report, 65% of the world's population will be covered by LTE in 2019, with data traffic in the Central Europe,... Read more
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Looking for gold under a standard DRA

People have often told me that I should share some of the content of my discussions with customers. So here goes: While speaking to a customer I begin to reflect on why DRAs (Diameter Routing Agent) usually interest core network signaling... Read more
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Consolidating L4-L7 functionality on the Gi LAN

In a recent article we discussed the value of having an intelligent traffic steering platform on the Gi LAN to optimize the utilization of VAS platforms such as video optimizers, transparent caching platforms, parental control systems, etc. In... Read more
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Optimizing mobile VAS service platforms with intelligent traffic steering

One of the challenges introduced by the rollout of LTE is the enormous increase in data traffic that gets transported across the mobile core network. Studies have shown that LTE users, in addition to enjoying higher bandwidths, also consume... Read more
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The Top Ten Requirements to look for when selecting your Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) for your IMS/LTE Network

There are many important aspects, features and technologies to be aware of when you are deploying an IMS or LTE network. Here is a handy check list for key requirements to look for before you begin your “shopping” for Diameter signaling... Read more
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What is Intelligent Roaming?

Roaming means you connect with an operator in the country in which you are visiting: What can make it intelligent? When you are traveling abroad the last thing you want to worry about is loss of service from your mobile phone. And you also don’t... Read more
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The Pressing Problem of Signaling Surges in LTE

Ben Volkow, VP of F5 Traffix, was selected among the attendees of LTE World Summit in Barcelona, Spain in May 2012 to be interviewed about the pressing problem of the signaling surges in LTE networks. Listen to what Ben had to say…when in Spain. Read more
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How Town Planning Is Like LTE Network Planning

Imagine, if a small town consisting of one main road, a few arterial roads with the traditional system of traffic lights, one day woke up to a new reality. Overnight the town residents were shocked to see thousands of new business moving in,... Read more
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The State of the LTE Market Today

One of the main success factors of LTE roll out and LTE services is  the quality of an operator’s Diameter signaling solutions. Allow me to explain.  Today, LTE devices, including smart phones, tablets, dongles etc. are generating a... Read more
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Carrier Grade DNS: Not your Parents DNS

Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the overlooked systems in the deployment of 4G and Next Generation All IP Networks. The focus tends to be on revenue-generating applications that provide ROI for these major investments. For these to be... Read more
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Policy: Not just QoS and Tiered Services.

With the development of Internet Multimedia Services (IMS), the challenge of defining how the IMS infrastructure would deliver application services and control the user experience was answered with Policy. Policy is simply the application... Read more
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IPv6: Not When but How?

Over the last 10 years, there have been a lot of discussions about the depletion of IPv4 addresses.   With development of the IPv6 standards, general consensus is that the Internet will eventually transition to IPv6.  The... Read more
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