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Healthcare in the Crosshairs

Is Healthcare the new Target? Recently I've received a number of 'I am writing to inform you that we were the target of a sophisticated cyber attack and some of your personal information may have been accessed by the attackers..'... Read more
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The Internet of...(Drum Roll Please)...Band-Aids?!?

Last week I told you about my family's experience with an under the skin glucose sensor that tracks blood sugar levels. While this Internet of Things trend often takes the form of a thermostat, light bulb or coffee machine, the medical field... Read more
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Identity Theft Hits Close to Home

While certainly not the likes of having SWAT show up at my house like Krebs or even Honan's fiasco, we've had some ID theft attempts occurring for the past few months...actually my wife has. It all started innocently enough at a... Read more
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