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NetOps Primer: What are Microservices?

Microservices are coming to a network near you. Forty-one percent (41%) of respondents to our State of Application Delivery 2018 survey told us their organizations were exploring microservices as a result of digital transformation initiatives.... Read more
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DevCentral's Featured Member for February - Lee Sutcliffe

After a brief hiatus for the New Year, we're kicking off the 2018 Featured Member series with a new DevCentral MVP: MrPlastic, Lee Sutcliffe. Like Kevin this past December, Lee does a great job with the opening question, so we'll let him... Read more
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Microservices – application fragments need application services

Microservices are a cool way to build applications – cool in terms of the attention they get in blogs, marketing materials and conference speaking slots, but also cool in terms of genuinely offering a way to build applications that are more agile... Read more
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The Impact of the Observer Effect on Microservices Architecture

Application availability is not just the measure of “being up”. Many apps can claim that status. Technically they are running and responding to requests, but at a rate which users would certainly interpret as being down. That’s because excessive... Read more
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Microservices, State, and the Network

Does moving to stateless microservices eliminate state in the network? One of the ways to increase scalability of services – and applications – is to go “stateless.” The reasons for this are many, but in general by eliminating the mapping between... Read more
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The Five Requirements for Application Services in a Software-Defined Data Center

Data center models are changing. A variety of technical trends and business demands are forcing that change, most of them centered on the explosive growth of applications. That means, in turn, that the requirements for application delivery are... Read more
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Microservices and HTTP/2

It's all about that architecture. There's a lot of things we do to improve the performance of web and mobile applications.  We use caching. We use compression. We offload security (SSL and TLS) to a proxy with greater compute... Read more
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Microservices versus Microsegmentation

Let's just nip the conflation of these terms in the bud, shall we? "MIcro" is big these days. Both microservices and microsegmentation are having and will continue to have an impact on data center architecture, but not necessarily... Read more
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The Internet of Security Things

No, this isn't a tirade on the security of IoT. It's about story about change. Specifically, change and its implications on security. Change is constant. There's a million different axioms and proverbs about change, so it's reall... Read more
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How Microservices are breaking (up) the Network

It's not just apps that are decomposing, it's the network, too. The network is bifurcating. On the one side is rock solid reliability founded on the premise of permanence and infrequent change. On the other is flexibility borne of... Read more
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The Proxy is the App

How microservices change the role of the network in next-generation application architectures. Microservices, for the uninitiated, are essentially the decomposition of applications into multiple services. This decomposition is often based on... Read more
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Purpose-driven Networking: Where IoT and Microservices Intersect

The purpose of communication between things and apps will become more critical to understand and act upon as the number of things continues to grow One of the neat things about microservices is the ability to segment functional actions into... Read more
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Where networks and application architecture converge lies Devops

#SDN #devops On this side is a variant of SDN: network service virtualization (NSV). On the other side is an emerging application architecture: microservices. Where they meet lies devops. One of the most fascinating things to watch in the... Read more
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