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Lightboard Lessons: Mirai Botnet and GRE Floods

The Mirai Botnet grabbed headlines at the end of last year when it used thousands of IoT devices to launch DDoS attacks on several targets. These attacks were larger than anything the Internet has ever seen. While it's certainly newsworthy to discuss the Mirai Botnet in general, we wanted to dig a little deeper into one of the actual DDoS attack vectors used by this botnet... Read more
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Security Trends in 2016: Securing the Internet of Things

Whenever you connect anything to the internet, there is risk involved. Just ask the millions of IoT zombies infected with Mirai. Sure, there have been various stories over the years about hacking thermostats, refrigerators, cameras, pacemakers,... Read more
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Security Trends in 2016: Pervasive Insecurity

The term pervasive insecurity can be applied to arrays of complex systems including poverty, political landscapes, or civil violence. It's aptly suited for defining any widespread and unwelcome instability of standardized governance(1).... Read more
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