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“Apples to Apples” Comparing an APM Deployment to TMG

Okay, okay, I drank the Kool-aid.  I’m a big fan of Access Policy Manager, (APM) and, full disclosure, an F5 employee.  With that said, being a “Windows guy” and coming from a background of working with Threat Management Gateway, (TMG) I... Read more
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To Pre-authenticate or Not to Pre-authenticate

I’m bouncing around in the friendly skies, (turbulence sucks!) on my way back from the Microsoft Exchange conference and one question keeps rolling around in my head; how important is pre-authentication?  Granted, it may not be a very... Read more
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New Deployment Guides

#devops #iApps #v11 Traffic flow diagrams, worksheets, checkpoints, next steps, oh my! F5 was first in the industry to offer our customers deployment guidance for mission critical applications based on vendor best practices, and we have continued... Read more
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Dynamic Data Center Agility: F5 and MS System Center Operations Manager 2007

F5 announced today the release of the new F5 Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 (sorry, wish I had an acronym or shorter name but a product this cool needs a big name like that :). In a nutshell, this new... Read more
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BIG-IP v10: Passive Application Monitoring

Enabling the Dynamic Data Center with BIG-IP v10 BIG-IP v10 is a breakthrough in the Application Delivery Networking (ADN) for many reasons, all of which revolve around understanding how applications are delivered outside the data center to... Read more
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The Need for Speed

When deploying acceleration solutions I frequently have a conversation that goes something like this:   Customer: "We're not seeing the performance improvements we were hoping for." Me:  "What improvements are... Read more
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Acceleration ABCs - P is for Performance Metrics

Performance may sound like a no-brainer when it comes to talking about acceleration however people look at different metrics when it comes to determining the performance improvements an acceleration solution will provide.  Last week I met... Read more
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Packets, shmackets. What about the apps?

As I was reading the Internet this morning I happened across an article with "Tips for Optimizing Your WAN (Wide Area Network)" and I thought, "Huh. That's pretty ... generic."   While the article uses SAP... Read more
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Links, Sex, and Application Fluency

I ran across an interesting site containing an algorithm that predicts your sex based on browser history. This algorithm uses demographics from popular sites, determines which popular sites you have visited by digging through your browser history,... Read more
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