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You Never Know When...

An old article gets new life. #TBT Back in 2012 I wrote an article titled Bait Phone. It was about cops dropping mobile phones with a tracking device and following the stealing culprit for an arrest. Like Bait Car but with a smartphone. Over the... Read more
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F5 predicts: Mobile payments go beyond mainstream

According to research by IDC, 1.5 billion smartphones will be in use globally by 2017. Consumers will be doing more than ever on their smartphones. As a result, more businesses recognize the importance of delivering quick and seamless mobile... Read more
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Anti-Fraud Protection: Filling Security Gaps for Online Banking

This year at RSA we experienced a new level of conversation about online threats. Anti-fraud protection was the topic for many guests stopping by the booth following the announcement of F5’s solutions for web fraud protection. Booth visitors... Read more
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F5 and Versafe: Because Mobility Matters

#F5 #security #cloud #mobile #context  Context means more visibility into devices, networks, and applications even when they're unmanaged. Mobility is a significant driver of technology today. Whether it's mobility of applications... Read more
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