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Multi-core Redux: Virtually Indistinguishable

There is an excellent article over on SD Times about multi-core programming and virtualization that delves into the approaches that application developers can consider to take advantage of multiple core CPUs.  For those that missed it, I... Read more
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Multi-core: Invasion of the Heavyweights?

Well, I saw on The Register the other day that Intel had released a toolkit consisting of several plug-ins for Microsoft Visual Studio to support Multi-core development. Having said so much on the topic, and having a long-running interest in... Read more
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CMP - One way to crack the multi-core challenge.

We at F5 are not unfamiliar with the problems presented by multi-processing. We also have development that must take advantage of both multiple cores and multiple CPUs. Our development team tackled this problem a while back, and is continuing to... Read more
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Multi-core Development: Digging into Cilk++

Things are kind of wild here, so this is both late and shorter than I wanted, but the main points are here at least. I've talked to the first vendor of multi-core development solutions and wanted to offer you all an update. The point here is... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 9/29/2008

In this special Monday edition of the DC Top5 I'll recap last week's must see DevCentral hits. Along with the standard fare of cool tech info and insight, we've got another new series to introduce from a new member of the DC blogging... Read more
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Multi-Core III - a panacea of options

I find it amazing how many ways we can find to slice a pizza, skin a cat, or solve a technology problem. Truly amazing. Thus far in my multi-core odyssey, I have run into driver-based solutions, library-based solutions, and shim-based solutions to... Read more
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