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Network Virtualization: Instances versus Tenants

#SDN #Cloud #VCMP #SDAS #IoT Technology shifts are creating a lot of chaos, including the way we use words. Cloud. SDN. Multi-tenant. Instances. They're all inter-related and seem to have different meanings depending on who's trying to... Read more
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Like Load Balancing WAN Optimization is a Feature of Application Delivery

Convergence, consolidation, and common-sense. When WAN optimization was getting its legs under it as a niche in the broader networking industry it got a little boost from the fact that remote/branch office connectivity was the big focus of... Read more
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Multi-Tenancy Requires More Than Just Isolating Customers

Multi-tenancy encompasses the management of heterogeneous business, technical, delivery, and security models. Last week, during what was certainly an invigorating if not agonizingly redundant debate regarding the value of public versus private... Read more
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Multi-Tenant Security Is More About the Neighbors Than the Model

Scott Sanchez recently rebutted the argument that “Cloud Isn’t Secure Because It Is Multi-Tenant” by pointing out that “internal data centers are multi-tenant today, and you aren’t managing them as well as a public cloud is managed.” Despite... Read more
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Architectural Multi-tenancy

Almost every definition of cloud, amongst the myriad definitions that exist, include the notion of multi-tenancy, a.k.a. the ability to isolate customer-specific traffic, data, and configuration of resources using the same software and interfaces.... Read more
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The Business Intelligence--Cloud Paradox

Simultaneously one of the best use-cases for cloud as well as the worst. What’s IT to do? David Linthicum, SOA and cloud pundit and all-around interesting technology guy, recently pointed out a short post on business intelligence (BI) vendors... Read more
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