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The Web 2.0 Botnet: Twisting Twitter and Automated Collaboration

Collaborating automatically via Web 2.0 APIs is a beautiful thing. I can update status on Twitter and it will automagically propagate to any number of social networking sites: Facebook. FriendFeed. MySpace. LinkedIn. If I had to do it all... Read more
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Activity Streams - The future of on-line status updates

Google, Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo!, Nokia, Comcast - all in one room. Either the complete domination of the Internet is being plotted, or these giants are getting together to talk about Social Media. Last Thursday, January 8th, representatives from... Read more
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Google, Twitter and Other Web Giants Change Political Debate Forever

Google, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, iTunes - They've all been changing the way that the average person goes about their day for a long time now. The thing that sets these monolithic figures in technological history apart from others is that... Read more
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Back at it

After a couple of long weeks out for recovery (yay hernia repair!), it feels good to be back at it again here in DCLand. It's crazy, though, how things stack up.  I was just chatting with the guys on the podcast yesterday about how much... Read more
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Is deprecation of APIs a security risk?

Someone's been playing with the MySpace APIs and found a way to exploit some deprecated [according to MySpace] services through which "private" photos suddenly became public. Jeremiah Grossman, chief technology officer at White Hat... Read more
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