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F5 Friday: Enhancing FlexPod with F5

#VDI #cloud #virtualization Black-box style infrastructure is good, but often fails to include application delivery components. F5 resolves that issue for NetApp FlexPod The best thing about the application delivery tier (load balancing,... Read more
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F5 Friday: NetApp SnapVault With BIG-IP WOM

Because ‘big data’ isn’t just a problem for data at rest, it’s a problem for data being transferred. Remember when we talked about operational risk comprising more than security? One of the three core components of operational risk is... Read more
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F5 Friday: F5 BIG-IP WOM Puts the Snap(py) in NetApp SnapMirror

Data replication is still an issue for large organizations and as data growth continues, those backup windows are getting longer and longer… With all the hype surrounding cloud computing and dynamic resources on demand for cheap you’d think... Read more
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Improving WAN VM transfer Speed with NetApp Flexcache and F5 BIG-IP WOM

That’s a mouthful, but this is just a quick blog to point you at the actual blog I guest wrote for our F5 Fridays series. In short, we’ve been toying with F5 BIG-IP WOM in the labs as a performance and distance enhancement tool for VMWar... Read more
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F5 Friday: Efficient Long Distance Transfer of VMs with F5 BIG-IP WOM and NetApp Flexcache

BIG-IP WOM and NetApp Flexcache speed movement of your VMs across the WAN.   One of the major obstacles to the concept of cloud computing and “on-demand” is implementing the “on-demand” piece of the equation. Virtualization in theory... Read more
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A Storage (Capacity) Optimization Buying Spree!

Remember when Beanie Babies were free in Happy Meals, and tons of people ran out to buy the Happy Meals but only really wanted the Beanie Babies? Yeah, that’s what the storage compression/dedupe market is  starting to look like these days.... Read more
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Dell Buys Ocarina Networks. Dedupe For All?

Storage at rest de-duplication has been a growing point of interest for most IT staffs over the last year or so, just because de-duplication allows you to purchase less hardware over time, and if that hardware is a big old storage array sucking a... Read more
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If I Were in IT Management Today…

I’ve had a couple of blog posts talking about how there is a disconnect between “the market” and “the majority of customers” where things like cloud (and less so storage) are concerned. So I thought I’d try this out as a follow on. If I were... Read more
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The Problem With Storage Growth is That No One Is Minding the Store

In late 2008, IDC predicted more than 61% Annual Growth Rate for unstructured data in traditional data centers through 2012. The numbers appear to hold up thus far, perhaps were even conservative. This was one of the first reports to include the... Read more
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Our data is so deduped that no two bits are alike!

Related Articles and Blogs Dedupe Ratios Do Matter (NWC) Ask Dr Dedupe: NetApp Deduplication Crosses the Exabyte Mark (NetApp) Dipesh on Dedupe: Deduplication Boost or Bust? (CommVau... Read more
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American Suzuki Case Study with F5 Networks

American Suzuki is passionate about affordable performance both in their products and how they run the company. When business growth led to IT storage issues, they needed a solution. Backups took 18hrs; users had performance issues with file... Read more
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