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Verify, but Never Trust?

Much is being written lately about so-called "Zero Trust Model" security, which prompts me to ask, "Since when did we security folk trust anyone?"  On the NIST site, you'll find a thorough report NIST commissioned from... Read more
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SDN Network Models

#SDN models: switches and overlays As with most new exciting (read: hyped) technology there's always some initial fragmentation that occurs in the market. Everyone wants to have their fingers in the newest pie and from that comes wha... Read more
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The Colonial Data Center and Virtualization

No, not colonial as in Battlestar Gallactica or the British Empire, colonial as in corals and weeds and virtual machines I was out pulling weeds this summer – Canada thistle to be exact – and was struck by how much its root system reminded me of... Read more
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The Next IT Killer Is… Not SDN

Neither was #cloud or #virtualization or Web 2.0 or … Every time there's a major technological shift in operational models you can hear the hue and cry from across the land of IT: the sky is falling. Our jobs are in jeopardy. Technology... Read more
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SDN is Network Control. ADN is Application Control.

#SDN is disruptive but it's not destructive, especially not at layer 4-7 In the wake of VMware's acquisition of SDN notable Nicira there was a whole lot of behind-the-scenes scrambling to understand the impact to the entire networking... Read more
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Applying ‘Centralized Control, Decentralized Execution’ to Network Architecture

#SDN brings to the fore some critical differences between concepts of control and execution While most discussions with respect to SDN are focused on a variety of architectural questions (me included) and technical capabilities, there’s another... Read more
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QoS without Context: Good for the Network, Not So Good for the End user

#fasterapp #webperf #ado One of the most often mentioned uses of #OpenFlow revolves around QoS . Which is good for network performance metrics, but not necessarily good for application performance. In addition to issues related to virtual... Read more
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Cyclomatic Complexity of OpenFlow-Based SDN May Drive Market Innovation

#openflow #sdn Programmability and reliability rarely go hand in hand, especially when complexity and size increase, which creates opportunity for vendors to differentiate with a vetted ecosystem I’m reading (a lot) on SDN these days. That means... Read more
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SDN, OpenFlow, and Infrastructure 2.0

#infra2 #openflow #sdn #devops As cloud recedes, it reveals what it hid when the hype took it big: a focus on the network. Like cloud two or three years ago, SDN and OpenFlow dominated the talk at Interop. During a show that’s (in theory at least)... Read more
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The Four V’s of Big Data

#stirling #bigdata #ado #interop “Big data” focuses almost entirely on data at rest. But before it was at rest – it was transmitted over the network. That ultimately means trouble for application performance.    The problem of... Read more
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F5 Friday: Are You One of the 61 Percent?

#centaur #40GBE #cloud That’s those that “are still not fully confident in their network infrastructure’s preparedness” for cloud … Throughout the evolution of computing the bus speed, i.e. interconnects, between various components on the... Read more
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Network versus Application Layer Prioritization

#fasterapp Why SPDY and similar techniques could succeed where coloring TOS bits failed Back in the day, before VoIP was common and we were all chatting over Skype, there was a very real concern about how to ensure the network could support it.... Read more
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Complexity Drives Consolidation

The growing complexity of managing more users from more places using more devices will drive consolidation efforts – but maybe not in the way you think.  Pop quiz time. Given three sets of three items each, how many possible combinations... Read more
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The Conflation of Pay-as-you-Grow Hardware with On-Demand

#cloud Today’s post is brought to you by the Law of Diminishing Returns The conflation of “pay-as-you-grow” with “on-demand” tends to cause confusion in the realm of networking and hardware. This is because of the way in which networking vendors... Read more
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Network Virtualization Reality Check.

There are quite a few pundits out there that would like to convince you that a purely virtual infrastructure is the wave of the future. Most of them have a bias to drive them to this conclusion, and they’re hoping you’ll overlook it. Others just... Read more
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F5 and Traffix: When Worlds Collide

#mwc12 #traffix #mobile Strategic points of control are critical to managing the convergence of technology in any network - enterprise or carrier What happens when technology converges? When old meets new? A fine example of what might happen... Read more
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Moore’s (Traffic) Law

#centaur #40gbe Pop quiz time – and you get 100 geek points if you get this one right. What was the main difference between a 386SX and a 386DX? If you answered (without using Google) the data bus (16-bit for an SX and 32-bit for a DX) then... Read more
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Oops! HTML5 Does It Again

#HTML5 #infosec A multitude of security-related solutions rely upon the ability to extract and examine mime-objects from web-content. HTML5 may significantly impair their ability to do so. The trade off between security and performance has long... Read more
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What Does Mobile Mean, Anyway?

We tend to assume characteristics upon hearing the term #mobile. We probably shouldn’t… There are – according to about a bazillion studies - 4 billion mobile devices in use around the globe. It is interesting to note that nearly everyone who... Read more
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F5 Friday: What’s Inside an F5?

Is it Linux? Is it third-party? Is it proprietary? Isn’t #vcmp just a #virtualization platform? Just what is inside an F5 BIG-IP that makes it go vroom? Over the years I’ve seen some pretty wild claims about what, exactly, is “inside” a BIG-IP... Read more
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Desktop VDI May Be Ready for Prime Time but Is the Network?

#VDI #quasar #mobile The proliferation of mobile devices is pushing VDI closer to being “the solution” of the year to resolve the increasing complexity – and costs – associated with consumerization. Considering the innate differences between... Read more
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The Epic Failure of Stand-Alone WAN Optimization

#fasterapp #ccevent WAN optimization is not and cannot be separated from application delivery Yes, yes I did say that. There's a reason for that, and after more than a decade of watching the markets that tangentially revolve around making... Read more
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F5 Friday: Creating a DNS Blackhole. On Purpose

#infosec #DNS #v11 DNS is like your mom, remember? Sometimes she knows better.   Generally speaking, blackhole routing is a problem, not a solution. A route to nowhere is not exactly a good thing, after all. But in some cases it’s an... Read more
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Virtualization and Cloud Computing: A Technological El Niño

The shift of focus from north-south to east-west networking isn’t just inside the data center, it’s a global phenomenon It’s called “east-west” networking, which when compared to its predecessor, “north-south” networking, evinces images of... Read more
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Infrastructure Architecture: Removing Blinders from Security Infrastructure

Infrastructure architecture is often the answer to many of IT’s most challenging issues. It is a fact of IT that different businesses have different technical requirements in terms of security, processing, performance, and even storage. In many... Read more
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