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Tweaking Timeouts

#webperf #fast #mobile Alternative title: Stop Blaming the Network I have a weakness for a particular Android game that shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent, of course). It frequently complains that I have "a poor networ... Read more
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Cloud: Commoditizing End-Users

It's not just commoditization of business functions (SaaS) or IT infrastructure (IaaS) - it's the users, too.   Prioritization. It's something that's built into nearly every technology, particularly that which service... Read more
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Cyclomatic Complexity of OpenFlow-Based SDN May Drive Market Innovation

#openflow #sdn Programmability and reliability rarely go hand in hand, especially when complexity and size increase, which creates opportunity for vendors to differentiate with a vetted ecosystem I’m reading (a lot) on SDN these days. That means... Read more
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Magic Virtualization-Fairy Dust and the New Network

The virtualization fairy won’t create APIs out of thin air, but a visit from her may kick-start a necessary (re)evaluation of the role of the API in the new network. The way some people talk about the “virtualization of the network” and how... Read more
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Alice in Wondercloud: The Bidirectional Rabbit Hole

Emerging architectures are conflating responsibilities up and down the application stack. Who is responsible for integration when services reside in the network? While preparing for an upcoming panel I’m moderating at Cloud Connect (in the “New... Read more
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A client is still a client even when it's on the space station

While I was at SD Best Practices in Boston last month I got to talk to a lot of engineers, developers, and architects about their environments and about what F5 does for application delivery. One of the developers glibly told me he wasn&#3... Read more
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