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Communities Will Lead the Way

Competitive advantage for network technologies will be determined by a vendor’s ability to allow its customers to create custom features through a programmable front end and then share these ideas with a broader community. The community... Read more
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Computer Science: Cool versus Cash

The reasons behind an increasing enrollment rate in computer science programs say it isn’t coolness driving interest, it’s cash. But the reality of computer science is such that opportunistic degree chasers aren’t likely to make it through the... Read more
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All Your Data Center Are Belong To … You

During my reading of the Internet I happened across an ad on Network World that stopped me in my  tracks. And not because it was one of those “pre-ads” that you can’t avoid, nor because it was cool or flashy or said something particularly... Read more
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The House that Load Balancing Built

The year 2009 may be remembered as the year technologies died. First Anne Thomas Maynes of Burton Group declared SOA dead, and more recently Mark Fabbi of Gartner announced the death of load balancers. The difference in the obituaries is... Read more
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Virtually Everywhere (and now on DevCentral)

No doubt about it, virtualization is hot. It seems that you can't read an IT publication without some mention of it. And, for good reason. For a long time, organizations have been forced to contend with brittle, heterogeneous infrastructure... Read more
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