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SDN: An architecture for operationalizing networks

As we heard at last week’s Open Networking Summit 2014, managing change and complexity in data centers is becoming increasingly difficult as IT and operations are constantly being pressured to deliver more features, more services, and more... Read more
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Totally Unscientific and Informal SDN Adoption Poll Results

#SDN During a session at Gartner Data Center 2013 (Software Defined Networking? Not a Question of If, A Matter of When and How) the question of SDN adoption was asked by speakers Joe Skorupa and Andrew Lerner of an approximately 100 person... Read more
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Back to Basics: The Many Modes of Proxies

The simplicity of the term "proxy" belies the complex topological options available. Understanding the different deployment options will enable your proxy deployment to fit your environment and, more importantly, your applications. ... Read more
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The Bifurcation of the Network

#SDN #Cloud #Virtualization #devops Emerging technology is bifurcating not only operations, but the network itself  A funny thing happened on the way to the next generation data center architecture... the network split. Not jus... Read more
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1024 Words: Application Health Monitoring at a Glance

It's not enough to measure connectivity or even status codes… See also Axiom #1 of the Three Axioms of Application Delivery 1024 Words: Why Devops is Hard 1024 Words: The Theory of (Performance) Relativity  ... Read more
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Bare Metal Blog: Introduction

#f5 #baremetalblog Introducing the geekiest bits of F5 hardware in a new blog series: Bare Metal Blog. Just about every high-tech vendor on the planet has some form of secret sauce that makes them believe they’re the best option for your IT... Read more
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Visibility: Keystone to Rapid Recovery Everywhere

#caim Because knowing is half the battle in application performance management One of the processes used to determine the root cause of a problem by Six Sigma is called The Five Whys. In a nutshell, it's a method of continually asking... Read more
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Midokura - The SDN with a Hive Mind

#SDN #cloud #openstack Centralized control, decentralized execution comes to life with Midokura's MidoNet Whether bees or Martians, science or science-fiction, the notion of a hive mind is one that pops up frequently within the realm of... Read more
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Reactive, Proactive, Predictive: SDN Models

#SDN #openflow A session at #interop sheds some light on SDN operational models One of the downsides of speaking at conferences is that your session inevitably conflicts with another session that you'd really like to attend. Interop NY was no... Read more
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DNS Architecture in the 21st Century

It is amazing if you stop and think about it, how much we utilize DNS services, and how little we think about them. Every organization out there is running DNS, and yet there is not a ton of traction in making certain your DNS implementation is... Read more
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Architecting Scalable Infrastructures: CPS versus DPS

#webperf As we continue to find new ways to make connections more efficient, capacity planning must look to other metrics to ensure scalability without compromising performance. Infrastructure metrics have always been focused on speeds and... Read more
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All Your Packets Are Belong to … You?

Yes, even the ones over there, in that there cloud, can be yours. No one argues that networks have not exploded in terms of speeds and feeds in the past decade. What with more consumers (and cows), more companies going “online”, and more content... Read more
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The Need for (HTML5) Speed

#mobile #HTML5 #webperf #fasterapp #ado The importance of understanding acceleration techniques in the face of increasing mobile and HTML5 adoption An old English proverb observes that "Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”  A... Read more
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There is more to it than performance.

Did you ever notice that sometimes, “high efficiency” furnaces aren’t? That some things the furnace just doesn’t cover – like the quality of your ductwork, for example? The same is true of a “high performance” race car. Yes, it is VERY fast,... Read more
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Interop 2012 - F5 in the Interop NOC Statistics

I meet with F5's Professional Services Consultant Sam Richman to review some of the stats from the World’s Largest Portable Network.  Highlights  included:  BIG-IP Data Center Firewall pushed a Terabyte of data; BIG-IP Web... Read more
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F5 Friday: In the NOC at Interop

#interop #fasterapp #adcfw #ipv6 Behind the scenes in the Interop network Interop Las Vegas expects somewhere in the realm of 10,000 attendees this year. Most of them will no doubt be carrying smart phones, many tablets, and of course the old... Read more
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WILS: The Many Faces of TCP

#fasterapp Veno. Hybla. CTCP. HSTCP. Fast TCP. Not familiar with these variants? Read on… Anyone who’s involved with web application performance – either measuring or addressing – knows there are literally hundreds of RFCs designed to improve... Read more
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IPv6: Not a Solution for Security!!!

On April 15th, 2011, the last of the IPv4 address blocks was allocated,. Due to IPv4 address depletion, migration to IPv6 is inevitable. This migration to IPv6 will ease IPv4 address depletion but it does not address other significant... Read more
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DevCentral Top5 02/03/2012

We're putting the band back together. And by band, I mean team. And by "putting back together" I mean we're all going to be in the same place, physically. This is a rarity for our remotely distributed team, but next week it is... Read more
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The Mobile Chimera

#mobile #vdi #IPv6 In the case of technology – as with mythology - the whole is often greater (and more challenging) than the sum of its parts. The chimera is a mythological beast of scary proportions. Not only is it fairly large, but it’s... Read more
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HTML5 Web Sockets Changes the Scalability Game

#HTML5 Web Sockets are poised to completely change scalability models … again. Using Web Sockets instead of XMLHTTPRequest and AJAX polling methods will dramatically reduce the number of connections required by servers and thus has a positive... Read more
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F5 Friday: Cookie Cutter vApps Realized

An architectural solution to the challenge of IP-address dependency. A rarely mentioned obstacle when attempting to duplicate or migrate enterprise-class applications is IP-dependency. Not just topological dependencies that are easily... Read more
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Take a Peer To Lunch. Regularly.

#F5Networks There is a wealth of information out there, don’t forget to tap into it. Note: When I say “peers” and “lunch” throughout this blog, I am not only referring to IT management. No matter your position in the organization, gathering... Read more
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Toll Booths and Dams. And Strategic Points of Control

An interesting thing about toll booths, they provide a point at which all sorts of things can happen. When you are stopped to pay a toll, it smooths the flow of traffic by letting a finite number of vehicles through per minute, reducing congestio... Read more
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Mission Impossible: Stateful Cloud Failover

The quest for truly stateful failover continues… Lightning was the latest cause of an outage at Amazon, this time in its European zones. Lightning, like tornadoes, volcanoes, and hurricanes are often categorized as “Acts of God” and therefore... Read more
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