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Two-Factor Authentication using YubiKey, YubiCloud and APM

Introduction What is a YubiKey? The YubiKey is an innovative USB-key that simplifies the process of logging in with strong two factor authentication. With a simple touch on the device, it generates a One-Time Password (OTP) on any compute... Read more
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Utilizing Google Authenticator for BIG-IP Shell Access

Most of us have been using hardware or software token to prove identity and to provide Two-Factor Authentication, either commercial and free. Google Authenticator is the first choice for mobile 2FA, because it's free and it runs on Smartphon... Read more
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How to enable RSA SecurID Browser Plug-In for APM

We are currently installing an Edge Gateway in our network and we use RSA Soft Tokens for authentication.  We were looking for the browser plug-in option like there is on the firepass device and couldn't find it.  I have summited an... Read more
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Two-Factor Authentication With Google Authenticator And APM

Introduction Two-factor authentication (TFA) has been around for many years and the concept far pre-dates computers. The application of a keyed padlock and a combination lock to secure a single point would technically qualify as two-factor... Read more
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APM Session Invalidation Using ASM

Introduction: Whenever customers expose their internal resources on the Web using VPNs or SSL VPNS there is still some concern over what type of traffic comes through the connection. In order to assist with these concerns we can provide a combine... Read more
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Web Application Login Integration with APM

As we hurtle forward through the information age we continue to find ourselves increasingly dependant on the applications upon which we rely. Whether it's your favorite iPhone app or the tools that allow you to do your job, the application... Read more
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One Time Passwords via an SMS Gateway with BIG-IP Access Policy Manager

One time passwords, or OTP, are used (as the name indicates) for a single session or transaction.  The plus side is a more secure deployment, the downside is two-fold—first, most solutions involve a token system, which is costly i... Read more
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