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Select Between Multiple Network Access Resources with the Edge Client – Local DB Auth

In a previous article I wrote about selecting multiple network access resources when using the Edge Client. (https://devcentral.f5.com/articles/select-between-multiple-network-access-resources-with-the-edge-client) The previous article was... Read more
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Configure Toopher 2 Factor Authentication to work with APM

Toopher is a 2 Factor Authentication provider (https://www.toopher.com/) that can be configured to work with the F5 Access Policy Manager for authenticating users.  Please visit the Toopher website to find out more information about all the... Read more
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Select Between Multiple Network Access Resources with the Edge Client

The recent announcements that web browsers will be removing plugin support means that customers will no longer be able to provide Network Access resources to their end users via the APM web top.  Instead customers will require their end users... Read more
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Check Client for APM Browser Components

Every administrator that has designed and configured a policy on the Access Policy Manager (APM) module knows that a lot of time and effort goes into making sure your users will be able to get the access they need.  A problem that I have run... Read more
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Add Outlook Web Access Login Options to the APM Logon Page

Outlook Web Access is the web interface to the Microsoft Exchange environment, and many customers have secured the portal behind their BIG-IP APM architecture. In looking at the OWA logon page, however, you'll notice that there are a couple... Read more
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Utilizing Google Authenticator for BIG-IP Shell Access

Most of us have been using hardware or software token to prove identity and to provide Two-Factor Authentication, either commercial and free. Google Authenticator is the first choice for mobile 2FA, because it's free and it runs on Smartphon... Read more
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v11.1–External File Access from iRules via iFiles

New in BIG-IP version 11.1 are iFiles, a feature that allows users to load files through tmsh or the GUI onto the BIG-IP which can be referenced from iRules. This has an immediate use case of supplanting several of our codeshare entries for sorr... Read more
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APM Session Invalidation Using ASM

Introduction: Whenever customers expose their internal resources on the Web using VPNs or SSL VPNS there is still some concern over what type of traffic comes through the connection. In order to assist with these concerns we can provide a combine... Read more
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Create a User Lockout Policy with Access Policy Manager

This article will cover a simple access policy that when completed will lock out a user using BIG-IP Access Policy Manager.  Start by making an access policy with the Device Wizard. Since I just want to make a quick and easy example, I’ll b... Read more
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One Time Passwords via an SMS Gateway with BIG-IP Access Policy Manager

One time passwords, or OTP, are used (as the name indicates) for a single session or transaction.  The plus side is a more secure deployment, the downside is two-fold—first, most solutions involve a token system, which is costly i... Read more
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Restful Access to BIG-IP Subtables

Surely by now you have tasted the goodness that is tables.  No?  Stop now and go read up on the table command.  No, really, right now!  I’ll wait… OK, now that you are a tables expert, it’s clear to you that this is ver... Read more
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Exchange Persistence Duality and iRules

Whether you're in the IT industry or just using IT in whatever industry you're in, chances are good that most people are using email in the workplace to some extent. Those of us in the IT field rely on it as a mission critical tool that we... Read more
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iControl Apps - #06 - Configuration Archiving

Let's face it, we like to believe that disaster will never happen, but how many times have you accidentally deleted a document you have been working on for a presentation without a working backup?  Odds are more than once.  If it can... Read more
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Unifying REST Access with iRules

Unifying REST Methods with iRules REST (Representational State Transfer) is a web architecture that allows a CRUD (Create, read, update, delete) model to be implemented via HTTP. The ideal REST architecture makes use of the HTTP methods described... Read more
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iControl 101 - #06 - File Transfer APIs

The main use we see for iControl applications is with the automation of control features such as adding, removing, enabling, and disabling objects.   Another key step in multi-device management is the automation of applying hotfixes and... Read more
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