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Add Outlook Web Access Login Options to the APM Logon Page

Outlook Web Access is the web interface to the Microsoft Exchange environment, and many customers have secured the portal behind their BIG-IP APM architecture. In looking at the OWA logon page, however, you'll notice that there are a couple... Read more
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v11: RDP Access via BIG-IP APM–Part 1

I wrote an article several months back on auto-launching Remote Desktop sessions with APM.  With the introduction of BIG-IP APM v11, there is a new built-in capability to support a full webtop.  This means that server, desktop, or othe... Read more
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Exchange Persistence Duality and iRules

Whether you're in the IT industry or just using IT in whatever industry you're in, chances are good that most people are using email in the workplace to some extent. Those of us in the IT field rely on it as a mission critical tool that we... Read more
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iControl Apps - #06 - Configuration Archiving

Let's face it, we like to believe that disaster will never happen, but how many times have you accidentally deleted a document you have been working on for a presentation without a working backup?  Odds are more than once.  If it can... Read more
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