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Two-Factor Authentication using Yubikey, YubiCloud and BIG-IP LTM

SyntaxHighlighter.all();Two-factor authentication (hereafter 2FA) has been a staple in enterprise VPN environments for quite some time, but it is really taking off in the web application space now as well with services riding on smart phones like... Read more
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Deploying a WhiteHat Security Satellite in Your Infrastructure

DevCentral uses WhiteHat Security's Sentinel service in our application development lifecycle as well as for production compliance. Beyond the direct benefits of improving our SDLC practices and reducing our window of exposure, F... Read more
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Routing traffic by URI using iRule

The DevCentral team recently developed a solution for a routing traffic to a specific server based on the URI path.  A BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) sits between the client and two servers to load balance the traffic for those servers.... Read more
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Monitoring APM Session Limit Availability from GTM

F5er Harry Kleinbourg came up with a great solution for monitoring the availability of BIG-IP APM targets not just based on the availability of the virtual service but also on its ability to handle service based on the licensed session limits... Read more
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Frequently Asked Questions About F5 Technology

F5 is the creator of and home to many different, powerful technologies. We offer some of the most powerful, advanced application delivery technology in the world. As with any advanced technology, however, there are often times terms and names... Read more
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Security Irules 101: DNS Gravitational Disturbance

Introduction iRules are a powerful tool in the F5 administrators arsenal. They allow administrators to adapt and customize the F5 to their needs. They provide extensive power for security engineers as well. We’ve decided it’s time to revisit... Read more
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DevCentral Architecture

Everyone has surely (don’t call me Shirley!) at least been exposed to THE CLOUD by now.  Whether it’s the—I’ll go with interesting—“to the cloud!” commercials or down in the nuts and bolts of hypervisors and programmatic interfaces for... Read more
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iRules logging to multiple locations with ease

Some months back I was at an account where we were developing some iRules to provide logging detail. One of the complications was that some of the infrastructure to support remote logging was in the process of being implemented and was not... Read more
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Health Monitors for Exchange 2010

I was recently asked to develop health monitors on my 10.2.4HF3 LTMs for our Exchange 2010 environment. Two of the three monitors were a bit challenging, so I wanted to share what I developed.  The monitors have been sanitized to protect our... Read more
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v11.2 Features: tclsh

One of the many things that I talk about quite often when presenting about or discussing iRules is troubleshooting and testing. Mind you these are two different, yet similar things. The difference is basically whether things are pre or post... Read more
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HTTP Event Order -- Access Policy Manager

Early last year I blogged an update to the iRules HTTP event order that F5er John Alam put together. John is back with another update to the drawing, this time, however, including the access policy manager flow. This article will cover the AP... Read more
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iRules Concepts: Logging, a Deeper Understanding

Multiple times in recent iRules presentations, whether on the road or here within F5, there have been questions raised when the topic of logging within iRules gets brought up. Specifically people are curious about logging best practices,... Read more
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Redirects, Rewrites and App Transfers via iRules

While traveling and talking about iRules, I come across a wide variety of topics that people are looking to address. From security offload to custom routing to just about anything you can think of. This week, while out and about at User Groups, I... Read more
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Vulnerability Patching via iRules: VU#520827 for PHP

Security is a top level priority in nearly every IT infrastructure these days. Whether it's keeping server patching up to date, putting in place hardened firewalls, password security models, denial of service prevention or any of the other... Read more
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Two-Factor Authentication With Google Authenticator And APM

Introduction Two-factor authentication (TFA) has been around for many years and the concept far pre-dates computers. The application of a keyed padlock and a combination lock to secure a single point would technically qualify as two-factor... Read more
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iRules Concepts: Tcl, The How and Why

F5 uses Tcl as the interpreter for iRules. Many people often ask why that is. This questions is usually followed up by an immediate, "Why not Perl?" or "Why not Java" or "Why not ?". I understand the question, and... Read more
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Populating Tables With CSV Data Via Sideband Connections

Introduction  Datagroups and tables are the two primary methods we have in iRules for organizing key and value pairs. Both can be reused for subsequent connections. Datagroups have the advantage of being directly editable from the BIG-I... Read more
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Introduction to iStats Part 1: Overview

Version 11 of BIG-IP brought with it many enhancements and new features ranging across the entire product. iRules improvements and features were among the cooler things changed, in the opinion of this avid iRuler. Between sideband connections,... Read more
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Google reCAPTCHA Verification With Sideband Connections

Introduction Virtually every dynamic site on the Internet these days makes use of a CAPTCHA in some fashion. A CAPTCHA is used to verify that a human is driving the interaction with a particular  function on a site. A CAPTCHA in its simples... Read more
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Transparent Web Application Bot Protection

The Problem HTML Web forms are a mechanism for someone to build a web page that allows a user to send data to a server for processing.  Users can fill out the forms with elements such as checkboxes, radio buttons, or text fields.  When ... Read more
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v11: iRules Data Group Updates

Several months ago I wrote up the v10 formatting for internal and external datagroups: iRules Data Group Formatting Rules. In v11, however, there is a change to the format of the internal data group and the data group reference to external class... Read more
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HTTP Request Cloning via iRules, Part 1

One of the requests that I've seen several times over the years is the ability to completely clone web requests across multiple servers. The idea is that you can take the HTTP traffic coming in bound for pool member A and distribute it, in its... Read more
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iRules Concepts: Connection States and Command Suspension

Within iRules, in addition to mastering the language syntax and tricks therein, there is an added layer of understanding that can help in taking your iRules fu to a whole new level. Connection State. Connection states are relatively simple i... Read more
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v11.1: DNS Blackhole with iRules

Back in October, I attended a Security B-Sides event in Jefferson City (review here). One of the presenters (@bethayoung) talked about poisoning the internal DNS intentionally for known purveyors of all things bad. I indicated in my write-up tha... Read more
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CodeShare Refresh: HTTP Session Limit

The iRules CodeShare on DevCentral is an amazingly powerful, diverse collection of iRules that perform a myriad of tasks ranging from credit card scrubbing to form based authentication to, as in today's example, limiting the number of HTTP... Read more
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