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iRules logging to multiple locations with ease

Some months back I was at an account where we were developing some iRules to provide logging detail. One of the complications was that some of the infrastructure to support remote logging was in the process of being implemented and was not... Read more
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Base32 Encoding and Decoding With iRules

Introduction Anyone that's done any amount of programming has probably encountered Base64 encoded data. Data that is encoded with Base64 has the advantage of being composed of 64 ASCII characters, which makes it portable and readable with... Read more
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Implementing The Exponential Backoff Algorithm To Thwart Dictionary Attacks

Introduction Recently there was a forum post regarding using the exponential backoff algorithm to prevent or at the very least slow down dictionary attacks. A dictionary attack is when a perpetrator attacks a weak system or application by cyclin... Read more
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Multiple Certs, One VIP: TLS Server Name Indication via iRules

An age old question that we’ve seen time and time again in the iRules forums here on DevCentral is “How can I use iRules to manage multiple SSL certs on one VIP"?”. The answer has always historically been “I’m sorry, you can’t.”. The... Read more
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Ruby and iControl: Building A Maintenance Page iRule On The Fly

Overview This week we are continuing with our Ruby and iControl series, but we’re going to mix in some iRule spice. As a previous IT systems engineer here at F5 as well as startups, it is a common request to shunt a site to a maintenance page... Read more
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Client Cert Fingerprint Matching via iRules

Client cert authentication is not a new concept on DevCentral, it’s something that has been covered before in the forums, wikis and Tech Tips.  Generally speaking it means that you’re receiving a request from a client, and want to... Read more
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Pacfiles R iRules?

by Bhattman @ gmail dot com   Pac Files are used throughout various companies to direct traffic out proxy systems but is not well understood by most and how it relates to F5 ADCs.  Hopefully this article can clear it up for you and giv... Read more
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Give me your query, your header and your failed

by Bhattman at gmail.com   The title sounds like a movie title. Actually its more related to the next scenario which I thought was unique enough to write about.  Recently a client came to me to discuss a problem she wanted solved by an... Read more
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Self-Contained BIG-IP Provisioning with iRules and pyControl - Part 1

There’s a plethora (yes, a plethora.  The Three Amigos taught me well.) of quality information constantly flowing here at DevCentral.  And whereas I might not have El Guapo’s superior intellect, I do have enough smarts to lean on my man... Read more
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Implementing HTTP Strict Transport Security in iRules

Last month I ran across a blog entry by Extreme Geekboy discussing a patch (now in the most recent nightly forthcoming 4.0 builds) for Firefox he submitted that implements the user agent components of HTTP Strict Transport Security.  Strict... Read more
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Investigating Efficiencies in iRules: Handling Wildcards in Hostnames

This isn’t the first time I’ve looked at optimization techniques with iRules. I’ve blogged about why testing matters, and hosted a small contest as a result of that testing (hmm, I think I still owe natty76 a t-shirt…) to give other iRulers ou... Read more
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iRules: "persist" v. "persist add"

A poster recently asked: "I’d like to have some explanation about the difference between two commands:     persist uie blablabla and     persist add uie blablabla If you can shed any light on that it would be... Read more
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