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Deploying a WhiteHat Security Satellite in Your Infrastructure

DevCentral uses WhiteHat Security's Sentinel service in our application development lifecycle as well as for production compliance. Beyond the direct benefits of improving our SDLC practices and reducing our window of exposure, F... Read more
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Monitoring APM Session Limit Availability from GTM

F5er Harry Kleinbourg came up with a great solution for monitoring the availability of BIG-IP APM targets not just based on the availability of the virtual service but also on its ability to handle service based on the licensed session limits... Read more
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Security Irules 101: DNS Gravitational Disturbance

Introduction iRules are a powerful tool in the F5 administrators arsenal. They allow administrators to adapt and customize the F5 to their needs. They provide extensive power for security engineers as well. We’ve decided it’s time to revisit... Read more
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DevCentral Architecture

Everyone has surely (don’t call me Shirley!) at least been exposed to THE CLOUD by now.  Whether it’s the—I’ll go with interesting—“to the cloud!” commercials or down in the nuts and bolts of hypervisors and programmatic interfaces for... Read more
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HTTP Event Order -- Access Policy Manager

Early last year I blogged an update to the iRules HTTP event order that F5er John Alam put together. John is back with another update to the drawing, this time, however, including the access policy manager flow. This article will cover the AP... Read more
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Two-Factor Authentication With Google Authenticator And APM

Introduction Two-factor authentication (TFA) has been around for many years and the concept far pre-dates computers. The application of a keyed padlock and a combination lock to secure a single point would technically qualify as two-factor... Read more
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v11.1–External File Access from iRules via iFiles

New in BIG-IP version 11.1 are iFiles, a feature that allows users to load files through tmsh or the GUI onto the BIG-IP which can be referenced from iRules. This has an immediate use case of supplanting several of our codeshare entries for sorr... Read more
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APM Session Invalidation Using ASM

Introduction: Whenever customers expose their internal resources on the Web using VPNs or SSL VPNS there is still some concern over what type of traffic comes through the connection. In order to assist with these concerns we can provide a combine... Read more
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v11: RDP Access via BIG-IP APM–Part 3

In Part 1, I configured a full Webtop in APM with a static RDP host. In Part 2 ,I modified that configuration to allow users to specify their RDP destination. In this article, I’ll make a couple changes to the final configuration in Part 2 to hav... Read more
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Create a User Lockout Policy with Access Policy Manager

This article will cover a simple access policy that when completed will lock out a user using BIG-IP Access Policy Manager.  Start by making an access policy with the Device Wizard. Since I just want to make a quick and easy example, I’ll b... Read more
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Web Application Login Integration with APM

As we hurtle forward through the information age we continue to find ourselves increasingly dependant on the applications upon which we rely. Whether it's your favorite iPhone app or the tools that allow you to do your job, the application... Read more
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One Time Passwords via an SMS Gateway with BIG-IP Access Policy Manager

One time passwords, or OTP, are used (as the name indicates) for a single session or transaction.  The plus side is a more secure deployment, the downside is two-fold—first, most solutions involve a token system, which is costly i... Read more
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Mitigating Slow HTTP Post DDoS Attacks With iRules – Follow-up

Last month I posted a Tech Tip using iRules to mitigate the slow POST DDoS attack. The example that I posted was an early prototype that was passed around an internal mailing list. I listed a few “gotchas” in my original post, but it wasn’t long... Read more
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Mitigating Slow HTTP Post DDoS Attacks With iRules

This past week researchers demonstrated a new HTTP DDoS attack in which a slow POST request will result in leaving a connection open longer than necessary. The heart of the attack relies on sending a POST request with given “content-length” then... Read more
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Troubleshooting TLS Problems With ssldump

Introduction Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used to secure network communications between two hosts. TLS largely replaced SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) starting in 1999, but many browsers still provide backwards compatibility for SSL version 3.... Read more
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HTTP Basic Access Authentication iRule Style

I started working on an administrator control panel for my previous Small URL Generator Tech Tip (part 1 and part 2) and realized that we probably didn’t want to make our Small URL statistics and controls viewable by everyone. That led me to make... Read more
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Implementing HTTP Strict Transport Security in iRules

Last month I ran across a blog entry by Extreme Geekboy discussing a patch (now in the most recent nightly forthcoming 4.0 builds) for Firefox he submitted that implements the user agent components of HTTP Strict Transport Security.  Strict... Read more
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Restful Access to BIG-IP Subtables

Surely by now you have tasted the goodness that is tables.  No?  Stop now and go read up on the table command.  No, really, right now!  I’ll wait… OK, now that you are a tables expert, it’s clear to you that this is ver... Read more
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Exchange Persistence Duality and iRules

Whether you're in the IT industry or just using IT in whatever industry you're in, chances are good that most people are using email in the workplace to some extent. Those of us in the IT field rely on it as a mission critical tool that we... Read more
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Unifying REST Access with iRules

Unifying REST Methods with iRules REST (Representational State Transfer) is a web architecture that allows a CRUD (Create, read, update, delete) model to be implemented via HTTP. The ideal REST architecture makes use of the HTTP methods described... Read more
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iRule Security 101 - #09 - Command Execution

Command execution is the process of using a web interface in order to execute OS commands on a web server.  This article will discuss how to detect and block several of these types of attacks.  It will also illustrate how to properly... Read more
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iRule Security 101 - #08 - Limiting POST Data

With the increasing popularity of the internet for application delivery, user supplied information is almost a given.  The method of choice for uploaded content is HTML forms making use of the POST HTTP command.  One can craft HTML forms... Read more
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iRule Security 101 - #07 - FTP Proxy

We get questions all the time about custom application protocols and how one would go about writing an iRule to "understand" what's going on with that protocol.  In this article, I will look at the FTP protocol and show you how... Read more
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iRule Security 101 - #06 - HTTP Referer

In this article, I'm going to talk about the HTTP "Referer" header, how it's used, and how you can use iRules to ensure that an access request to a website is coming from where you want it to come from. Other articles in the... Read more
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iRule Security 101 - #05 - Avoiding Path Traversal

Path Traversal is an attempt to access files and/or directories stored outside web root folder. If successful this could allow malicious users to view content they were not intended to see, execute programs that have lax permissions and were... Read more
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