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Converting a Cisco ACE configuration file to F5 BIG-IP Format

In September, Cisco announced that it was ceasing development and pulling back on sales of its Application Control Engine (ACE) load balancing modules.  Customers of Cisco’s ACE product line will now have to look for a replacement product t... Read more
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Quick Start: Application Delivery Fundamentals

On DevCentral we often focus on the out of the box solutions. iRules, iControl, iApps and more are fantastic and exciting technologies, but there's a lot that goes into making an F5 device work before you even get to play with so... Read more
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DevCentral Architecture

Everyone has surely (don’t call me Shirley!) at least been exposed to THE CLOUD by now.  Whether it’s the—I’ll go with interesting—“to the cloud!” commercials or down in the nuts and bolts of hypervisors and programmatic interfaces for... Read more
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DHCP Relay Virtual Server

BIG-IP LTM version 11.1 introduces the DHCP Relay Virtual Server. Previously, it was possible to forward the requests with a set of extensive iRules that probed deeply into the ways of binary, but with the new virtual server style, it is trivial... Read more
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Deploying BIG-IP VE in VMware vCloud Director

Beginning with BIG-IP version 11.2, you may have noticed a new package in the Virtual Edition downloads folder for vCloud Director 1.5. VMware’s vCloud Director is a software solution enabling enterprises to build multi-tenant private clouds. Each... Read more
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Friendly URL Redirection Scaling via iRules

The concept of a friendly URL is a pretty simple one. Basically you want to make things in your application, on your website, etc. easier to access. This stems from the fact that most applications these days make use of increasingly complex paths... Read more
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10 Ways to HA (and counting): a treatise on BIG-IP high availability

I had a conversation with someone not too long ago on the subject of BIG-IP high availability. BIG-IP is primarily a load balancer, so some forms of high availability (load balancing across multiple web servers for instance) are obvious.... Read more
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A Brief Introduction To External Application Verification Monitors

Background EAVs (External Application Verification) monitors are one of most useful and extensible features of the BIG-IP product line. They give the end user the ability to utilize the underlying Linux operating system to perform complex and... Read more
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Writing to and rotating custom log files

Sometimes I need to log information from iRules to debug something. So I add a simple log statement, like this: when HTTP_REQUEST {   if { [HTTP::uri] equals "/secure" } {     log local0. "[IP::remote_addr]... Read more
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Problems Overcome During a Major LTM Software/Hardware Upgrade

I recently completed a successful major LTM hardware and software migration which accomplished two high-level goals: ·         Software upgrade from v9.3.1HF8 to v10.1.0HF1... Read more
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