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Getting Started with Bigsuds–a New Python Library for iControl

I imagine the progression for you, the reader, will be something like this in the first six- or seven-hundred milliseconds after reading the title: Oh cool! Wait, what? Don’t we already have like two libraries for python? Really, a third library... Read more
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Managing Ramcache Entries with Pycontrol

A DevCentral user posted a question in the forums asking for verification of an attribute on the RamCacheKey structure. The maximum_responses attribute should be a long integer. With his C# code, the maximum_responses returned from his iContro... Read more
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Ruby and iControl: Migrating Virtual Addresses Using ARP

Introduction Ever wanted to “failover” a virtual server to an LTM that is not part of the same HA (high availability) pair? This is a common occurrence for any engineer that has ever had to upgrade their BIG-IP hardware platform or been part of a... Read more
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Automating Web App Deployments with Opscode Chef and iControl

Chef is a systems integration framework developed here in Seattle by Opscode. It provides a number of configuration management facilities for deploying systems rapidly and consistently. For instance, if you want 150 web servers configur... Read more
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Ruby and iControl: Automating Private Key and Certificate Signing Request Creation

Overview If you’re like most of our customers, you’re probably offloading SSL on your BIG-IPs. There is a large performance benefit to this PKI management strategy, but there is also the simplicity of being able to create, update, and manage SSL... Read more
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Ruby and iControl: Building A Maintenance Page iRule On The Fly

Overview This week we are continuing with our Ruby and iControl series, but we’re going to mix in some iRule spice. As a previous IT systems engineer here at F5 as well as startups, it is a common request to shunt a site to a maintenance page... Read more
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Ruby and iControl: Distilling SSL Certificate Information from SOAP::Mapping::Objects

We hope by now that you have gotten a running start with our Ruby iControl libraries. We have posted a few other Tech Tips on Ruby and iControl,  but have not touched on the retrieval of information from the BIG-IP. In this Tech Tip, we will... Read more
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Ruby and iControl: Understanding Complex Type Syntax

Anyone who has worked with SOAP knows it can make a lot of things easier, but it is not without its hurdles. Interpreting complex type syntax for use with a SOAP driver can present one of the largest headaches for a web services developer. In this... Read more
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Getting Started With Ruby and iControl

Here on DevCentral we’ve released libraries for a number of the big languages from Java and Perl to Powershell. Up until now there has not been much love for Ruby. Well, that’s all about to change: enter the new iControl Ruby Library. This proj... Read more
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Self-Contained BIG-IP Provisioning with iRules and pyControl - Part 1

There’s a plethora (yes, a plethora.  The Three Amigos taught me well.) of quality information constantly flowing here at DevCentral.  And whereas I might not have El Guapo’s superior intellect, I do have enough smarts to lean on my man... Read more
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pyControl Apps #1 - BIG-IP Routing Table

Note: pycontrol v1 is deprecated. A new article and script have been added to work through the bigsuds library. This week I will be continuing with my discovery into python and iControl... This time out I'll take a look at the BIG-IP routing... Read more
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Tech Tip: Saving Your iControl Changes

When making changes to almost any networking device via the command line, the last step is to "save the running config". This is so that you can make changes, tweak them, test them, go for coffee, etc. Only after you are positive that... Read more
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