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Ruby and iControl: Automating Private Key and Certificate Signing Request Creation

Overview If you’re like most of our customers, you’re probably offloading SSL on your BIG-IPs. There is a large performance benefit to this PKI management strategy, but there is also the simplicity of being able to create, update, and manage SSL... Read more
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Ruby and iControl: Distilling SSL Certificate Information from SOAP::Mapping::Objects

We hope by now that you have gotten a running start with our Ruby iControl libraries. We have posted a few other Tech Tips on Ruby and iControl,  but have not touched on the retrieval of information from the BIG-IP. In this Tech Tip, we will... Read more
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Ruby Meets iControl: Switching Policies

Last week, I talked about Ruby and some of the awesome things that you can do with Ruby and iControl together. I also chatted a bit about why that's exciting to me, and gave the first of several examples of Ruby and iControl working together.... Read more
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iControl Apps - #12 - Global SSL Statistics

Continuing on with my series of applications on system level statistics, this application will look into the insides of the SSL subsystem and dump out the available statistics for client and server based SSL processing. Usage The arguments for... Read more
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iControl Apps - #06 - Configuration Archiving

Let's face it, we like to believe that disaster will never happen, but how many times have you accidentally deleted a document you have been working on for a presentation without a working backup?  Odds are more than once.  If it can... Read more
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iControl 101 - #06 - File Transfer APIs

The main use we see for iControl applications is with the automation of control features such as adding, removing, enabling, and disabling objects.   Another key step in multi-device management is the automation of applying hotfixes and... Read more
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