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How to onboard F5 BIG-IP VE in Cisco CSP 2100 for NFV solutions deployment

F5 BIG-IP VE is now certified with Cisco CSP 2100. All BIG-IP VE supported modules and VNF solutions can now run in CSP 2100 environment. This article provides reader step-by-step to onboard F5 BIG-IP in Cisco CSP 2100. Read more
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NFV 확산일로, 성공 열쇠는 ‘운영화’

Please find the English language post from which this was adapted here   네트워크 기능 가상화(NFV)는 아직 속도는 느리지만 확실히 진행 중이다. 소수의 통신사업자들은 이미 상업적으로 NFV를 구축한 상태고, 대부분은 개념증명(PoC) 단계에 있다. 그 중 일부는 내부 네트워크 특정 부분의 제한된 범위에서의 NFV 인가를 진행 중이며 또 다른 일부는 확장된... Read more
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NFV is Emerging, but Here are 4 Key Challenges to Success

Nobody would argue that Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) has made significant progress in the past two and one half years. There are dozens of proof of concepts being run by operators in conjunction with vendors working together in... Read more
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IoT Ready Infrastructure

IoT applications will come in all shapes and sizes but no matter the size, availability is paramount to support both customers and the business. The most basic high-availability architecture is the typical three-tier design. A pair of ADCs in the... Read more
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Trying to Envision the Future through Eyes of Today

#MWC15 What an incredible week it was at Mobile World Congress this year! With 1,900 exhibitors and around 100,000 attendees it is hard to focus on any single topic or find a common theme among all of us. But through the many pitches and... Read more
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MWC 2015 - SDN Demystified (feat Duncan)

With an industry full of TLAs (three letter acronyms) Richard Duncan, Sr. Manager Systems Engineering, gives a wonderful explanation of SDN using the universal TV remote example. In this fun interview, Richard demystifies SDN and explains how SDN... Read more
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MWC 2015 – NFV for Service Providers (feat Yue)

Frank Yue, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, discusses Network Function Virtualization and how service providers are deploying it within their infrastructures. Frank talks about the relation to SDN, the functionality it provides SP’s, the NFV... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: The Service Provider Path to NFV Nirvana starts with Consolidation

#NFV #SDN Certainly, enterprises feel the pressure to transition their networks to next generation architectures like SDN to brace the coming storm that is an app economy. Service providers could provide valuable advice to them on how to do that,... Read more
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Service Chaining is Business Process Orchestration in the Network

#SDN #NFV #devops #interop Service chaining allows the network to grow up and really participate in business processes The term "service chaining" hasn't quite yet made it into the mainstream IT vernacular.  It's current... Read more
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SDN: An architecture for operationalizing networks

As we heard at last week’s Open Networking Summit 2014, managing change and complexity in data centers is becoming increasingly difficult as IT and operations are constantly being pressured to deliver more features, more services, and more... Read more
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Is there a need for Stack Consolidation in SDN/NFV based Networks?

Guest blog by Andreas Roeder, Solutions Architect, Service ProvidersEven if there are not publicly available and massive across the board worldwide deployments of SDN/NFV yet, there is a lot of traction on the topic of stack consolidation in the... Read more
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No Pain, No Gain: Virtualization is not Enough for NFV

There is a significant and growing interest from the service provider community for network functions virtualization (NFV) types of solutions. Service providers see the potential and realized benefits from the cloud and software defined network... Read more
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F5 Synthesis for Service Providers: Scaling in Three Dimensions

#MWC14 #SDAS #NFV #SDN It's not just about changing the economy of service scale, it's about operations, too. Estimates based on reports from Google put the number of daily activations of new Android phones at 1.3 Million. Based on... Read more
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F5 Synthesis: The Real Value of Consolidation Revealed

#SDAS #SDN #NFV #CSP It's not about a "god box", it's about the platform It's often the case that upon hearing the word "consolidation" in conjunction with the network people conjure up visions of what's... Read more
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It is All About the Application

We live in an ADHD world. Lately, everything we do is interrupt driven. When my pocket buzzes, I check my phone to read the latest message. Or, I may access my social media applications to see my friends’ updates and send a quick response, making... Read more
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Open Compute Award Supports Need for Layer 4-7 SDN

Market research firm, IT Brand Pulse, announced their 2013 Open Compute Innovation Leaders as voted by major customers and end users. F5 Networks was given the award as the innovation leader for a Layer 4-7 SDN Services Platform. These awards were... Read more
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Square Pegs and Round Holes (Network and Applications)

#DataCenterWorld #SDN #NFV One size does not fit all. Shannon Poulin, VP Data Center and Connected Systems Group and General Manager, Data Center Marketing Group for Intel gave the keynote address at Data Center World Fall on transforming the... Read more
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NFV is Much More than Virtualization

There has been a lot of attention given to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and how it is driving a paradigm shift in the architecture of today’s communications service providers (CSPs) networks. NFV is a popular topic and has been getting a... Read more
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The Drive Towards NFV: Creating Technologies to Meet Demand

It is interesting to see what is happening in the petroleum industry over time. I won’t get into the political and social aspects of the industry or this will become a 200 page dissertation. What is interesting to me is how the petroleum industry... Read more
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