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Serverless … Security?

In case you haven’t heard, the new hotness in app architectures is serverless. Mainly restricted to cloud environments (Amazon Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Microsoft Azure Functions) the general concept is that you don’t have to worry about... Read more
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The Double Whammy of Scripting

Many of you are very familiar with iRules, our Tool Command Language (Tcl) based scripter. It’s a powerful application delivery tool to have a programmable proxy that allows you to manipulate – in real time - any network traffic passing through... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Filtering Favicons

There’s really an unlimited number of ways in which programmability in the network (data path scripting) can solve problems, address risk, and simplify architectures. In the area of DevOps it can be used to facilitate continuous delivery (CD)... Read more
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Mitigating the favicon bug through LineRate scripting

A recent report (June 2015) revealed a web browser's problem with a large favicon [1]: The browser crashes when the size of a favicon is larger than what it expects. A favicon is a small image, say 16 x 16 pixels, that is... Read more
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Sharding for Scale: In the app or in the network?

Where you decide to shard for scalability impacts the complexity of the entire architecture. Sharding has become a popular means of achieving scalability in application architectures in which read/write data separation is not only possible, but... Read more
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Snippet #7: OWASP Useful HTTP Headers

If you develop and deploy web applications then security is on your mind.  When I want to understand a web security topic I go to OWASP.org, a community dedicated to enabling the world to create trustworthy web applications. One of my... Read more
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F5 Friday: App Proxy or ADC?

Choosing between BIG-IP and LineRate isn't as difficult as it seems.... Our recent announcement of the availability of LineRate Point raised the same question over and over: isn't this just a software-version of BIG-IP? How do I know when... Read more
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Robot regulation with LineRate

This article discusses a method to automatically regulate HTTP accesses from robots (aka. crawlers, spiders, or bots) by the use of F5 LineRate Precision Load Balancer. A growing number of robot accesses can potentially affect the performance of... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Making up for lost time with user bribes

90% of your users want your site to perform well during peak periods, like the next month or so. That's according to a study by Compuware, in which they also found that most dissatisfied users will throw you under a bus if your app or site... Read more
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DevCentral Top 5: Dec 15, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it's the most wonderful content on DevCentral.  Our DevCentral authors never disappoint, and this edition of the Top 5 is sure to please again.  Sit back, grab another mug of egg nog,... Read more
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5 Ways to Use Node.js in the Network

I once said on stage at Glue that the reason I loved node.js was, quite frankly, that it's a language and with a programming language you can do, well, anything. But like most things just because you can, doesn't always mean you should.... Read more
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Node.js at 100K+ requests per second

Folks that work with Node.js are familiar with the limitations it has. Single threaded nature make Node highly dependent on single CPU performance, which seems to be the main limitation for throughput. Achieving 10K HTTP requests per second is not... Read more
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LineRate and Redis pub/sub

Using the pre-installed Redis server on LineRate proxy, we can use pub/sub to push new configuration options and modify the layer 7 data path in real time. Background Each LineRate proxy has multiple data forwarding path processors; each of these... Read more
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LineRate scripting and reducing large application latency

Can LineRate’s Node.js Scripting help reduce response time latency for large applications? Recently, a talk at Velocity 2014 by Jeff Dean gave me some ideas for a quick script to do just that. The idea is simple; any time a response is not... Read more
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LineRate setup and configuration–in one minute!

We have been having a lot of fun here at LineRate launching our product at 2013 Node Summit and spreading the word about the LineRate free tier, downloadable from Linerate.f5.com. The free tier is rate limited but it is specifically designed for... Read more
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Takeaways from NodeSummit 2013

Before the memories fade, I wanted to get my thoughts out on this years NodeSummit conference, which took place at the Mission Bay convention center in San Francisco.  The run up to the conference was a whirlwind with the LineRate team... Read more
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Co-opetition at F5? Or, right tools for the right job!

Configurability versus productivity A long time ago, in a dark room far, far away, I wrote code. While at the time I thought it as exciting as being tapped into The Matrix, I will admit that the only real semblance came from the fact that I used a... Read more
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