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F5 Friday: The 2048-bit Keys to the Kingdom

There’s a rarely mentioned move from 1024-bit to 2048-bit key lengths in the security demesne … are you ready? More importantly, are your infrastructure and applications ready? Everyone has likely read about DNSSEC and the exciting day on which... Read more
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The Order of (Network) Operations

Thought those math rules you learned in 6thgrade were useless? Think again…some are more applicable to the architecture of your data center than you might think. Remember back when you were in the 6th grade, learning about the order of operations... Read more
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WILS: How can a load balancer keep a single server site available?

Most people don’t start thinking they need a “load balancer” until they need a second server. But even if you’ve only got one server a “load balancer” can help with availability, with performance, and make the transition later on to a multiple... Read more
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WILS: Why Does Load Balancing Improve Application Performance?

WILS: The Concise Guide to *-Load Balancing WILS: Network Load Balancing versus Application Load Balancing WILS: InfoSec Needs to Focus on Access not Protection WILS: Applications Should Be Like Sith Lords WILS: Cloud Changes ... Read more
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The Myth of 100% IT Efficiency

Idle resources will always need to exist, especially in a cloud architecture With IT focused on efficiency – for reduction in operating expenses and in the interests of creating a greener computing center – there’s a danger that we’ll attempt to... Read more
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Dear Developer: Step Away from the Keyboard

When it comes to availability, coding a solution is just delaying the inevitable Jonathan Howell, in Five Things That Will Kill Your Site – an excellent read, by the way, for all web application developers – asserts that there are several ways... Read more
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I am wondering why not all websites enabling this great feature GZIP?

Understanding the impact of compression on server resources and application performance While doing some research on a related topic, I ran across this question and thought “that deserves an answer” because it certainly seems like a no-brainer.... Read more
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Cloud Computing: Vertical Scalability is Still Your Problem

Horizontal scalability achieved through the implementation of a load balancing solution is easy. It's vertical scalability that's always been and remains difficult to achieve, and it's even more important in a cloud computing or... Read more
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Wanna know a secret? You can consolidate servers by using acceleration technologies

Forrester Research recently conducted a survey on virtualization, citing server consolidation as one of the primary drivers behind the 73% of enterprises already or planning on implementing virtualization technology. But virtualization,... Read more
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