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Which SDN protocol is right for you?

SDN's biggest threat is all us people talking about it!! In a recent article titled something along the lines of "Which SDN protocol should I use?", I found myself totally confused... Not the same kind of confised as entering a... Read more
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Stop Conflating Software-Defined with Software-Deployed

#SDN #SDDC Can we stop confusing these two, please? Kthanx. For some reason when you start applying "software" as a modifier to anything traditionally deployed as hardware folks start thinking that means that hardware is going away.... Read more
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F5 Friday: SDN, Layer 123 SDN & OpenFlow World Congress and LineRate Systems (A Chat with F5's John Giacomoni)

#SDN #OpenFlow  John G (that's what we call him here on the inside) answers some burning questions about F5 and SDN before jetting off to SDN & OpenFlow World Congress.... We get a lot of questions about not just F5 and what... Read more
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SDN and OpenFlow are not Interchangeable

#SDN #OpenFlow They aren't,seriously. They are not synonyms. Stop conflating them.  New technology always runs into problems with terminology if it's lucky enough to become the "next big thing." SDN is currently in that... Read more
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It's On: Stacks versus Flows

#OpenStack #CloudStack #OpenFlow #SDN It's a showdown of model versus control – or is it?   There's a lot of noise about "wars" in the networking world these days. OpenStack versus CloudStack versus OpenFlow-based... Read more
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Community: Force Multiplier for Network Programmability

#SDN Programmability on its own is not enough, a strong community is required to drive the future of network capabilities One of the lesser mentioned benefits of an OpenFlow SDN as articulated by ONF is the ability to "customize the... Read more
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HTML5 WebSockets Illustrates Need for Programmability in the Network

#HTML5 #SDN The increasing use of HTML5 WebSockets illustrates one of the lesser mentioned value propositions of SDN – and ADN: extensibility. It's likely that IT network and security staff would agree that HTML5 WebSockets has the... Read more
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Reactive, Proactive, Predictive: SDN Models

#SDN #openflow A session at #interop sheds some light on SDN operational models One of the downsides of speaking at conferences is that your session inevitably conflicts with another session that you'd really like to attend. Interop NY was no... Read more
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WILS: The Data Center API Compass Rose

#SDN #cloud North, South, East, West. Defining directional APIs. There's an unwritten rule that says when describing a network architecture the perimeter of the data center is at the top. Similarly application data flow begins at the UI... Read more
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All Your Packets Are Belong to … You?

Yes, even the ones over there, in that there cloud, can be yours. No one argues that networks have not exploded in terms of speeds and feeds in the past decade. What with more consumers (and cows), more companies going “online”, and more content... Read more
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F5 Friday: Programmability and Infrastructure as Code

#SDN #ADN #cloud #devops What does that mean, anyway? SDN and devops share some common themes. Both focus heavily on the notion of programmability in network devices as a means to achieve specific goals. For SDN it’s flexibility and rapid... Read more
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F5 Friday: ADN = SDN at Layer 4-7

The benefits of #SDN have long been realized from #ADN architectures   There are, according to ONF, three core characteristics of SDN: “In the SDN architecture, the control and data planes are decoupled, network intelligence and state... Read more
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QoS without Context: Good for the Network, Not So Good for the End user

#fasterapp #webperf #ado One of the most often mentioned uses of #OpenFlow revolves around QoS . Which is good for network performance metrics, but not necessarily good for application performance. In addition to issues related to virtual... Read more
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Cyclomatic Complexity of OpenFlow-Based SDN May Drive Market Innovation

#openflow #sdn Programmability and reliability rarely go hand in hand, especially when complexity and size increase, which creates opportunity for vendors to differentiate with a vetted ecosystem I’m reading (a lot) on SDN these days. That means... Read more
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SDN, OpenFlow, and Infrastructure 2.0

#infra2 #openflow #sdn #devops As cloud recedes, it reveals what it hid when the hype took it big: a focus on the network. Like cloud two or three years ago, SDN and OpenFlow dominated the talk at Interop. During a show that’s (in theory at least)... Read more
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The Future of Cloud: Infrastructure as a Platform

Cloud needs to become a platform, and that means its comprising infrastructure must also embrace the platform paradigm. There’s been a spate of articles, blogs, and mentions of OpenFlow in the past few months. IBM was the latest entry into the... Read more
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The Cloud Configuration Management Conundrum

Making the case for a stateless infrastructure model. cloud computing appears to have hit a plateau with respect to infrastructure services.  We simply aren’t seeing even a slow and steady offering by providers of the infrastructure... Read more
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