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The Cloud Integration Stack

#cloud Integrating environments occurs in layers …   We use the term “hybrid cloud” to indicate a joining together of two disparate environments. We often simplify the “cloud” to encompass public IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and private cloud. But... Read more
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Getting at the Heart of Security in the Cloud

#infosec #cloud CloudPassage digs a bit deeper into the issue of security and public cloud computing and finds some interesting results Security is a pretty big word. It’s used to represent everything from attack prevention to authentication... Read more
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The Conspecific Hybrid Cloud

Operational consistency and control continue to be a driving force in hybrid cloud architectures When you’re looking to add new tank mates to an existing aquarium ecosystem, one of the concerns you must have is whether a particular breed of... Read more
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The Cloud API is Pseudo-Consolidation of Infrastructure

It’s about operational efficiency and consistency, emulated in the cloud by an API to create the appearance of a converged platform In most cases, the use of the term “consolidation” implies the aggregation (and subsequently elimination) of like... Read more
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F5 Friday: Secure Remote Access versus En Masse Migration to the Cloud

Being too quick to shout “cloud” when the solution may be found elsewhere can lead to unintended consequences. As with all technology caught up in the hype cycle, cloud computing is often attributed with being “the solution” to problems... Read more
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