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The Dynamic Data Center: Cloud's Overlooked Little Brother

It may be heresy, but not every organization needs or desires all the benefits of cloud.  There are multiple trends putting pressure on IT today to radically change the way they operate. From SDN to cloud, market pressure on... Read more
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The Three Axioms of Application Delivery

#fasterapp If you know these three axioms, then you’ll know application delivery when you see it. Like most technology jargon, there are certain terms and phrases that end up mangled, conflated, and generally misapplied as they gain traction... Read more
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BFF: Complexity and Operational Risk

#adcfw The reason bars place bouncers at the door is because it’s easier and less riskier to prevent entry than to root out later No one ever said choosing a career in IT was going to be easy, but no one said it had to be so hard you’d be... Read more
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The Pythagorean Theorem of Operational Risk

#devops It’s a simple equation, but one that is easily overlooked. Most folks recall, I’m sure, the Pythagorean Theorem. If you don’t, what’s really important about the theorem is that any side of a right triangle can be computed if you know... Read more
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F5 Friday: Platform versus Product

There’s a significant difference between a platform and a product, especially when it comes to architecting a dynamic data center In the course of nearly a thousand blogs it’s quite likely you’ve seen BIG-IP referenced as a platform, and... Read more
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The Scariest Cloud Security Statistic You’ll See This Year

Who is most responsible for determining the adequacy of security in the cloud in your organization? Dome9, whom you may recall is a security management-as-a-service solution that aims to take the complexity out of managing administrative access to... Read more
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