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A Little Love for Ops - the All New BIG-IP Operations Guide

A couple years in the making, the long sought after F5 BIG-IP TMOS: Operations Guide, hence force called the "Manual of Operational Greatness," has arrived! In addition to the great documentation on how to design and deliver traffic... Read more
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Devops Proverb: Process Practice Makes Perfect

#devops Tools for automating – and optimizing – processes are a must-have for enabling continuous delivery of application deployments Some idioms are cross-cultural and cross-temporal. They transcend cultures and time, remaining relevant no... Read more
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Devops is Not All About Automation

#devops Tools are for automation, devops is for people It’s easy to get caught up in the view that devops is all about automation. That’s because right now, most of the value of devops and repeatable processes is focused on deployment of... Read more
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Devops is a Verb

#devops Devops is not something you build, it’s something you do Operations is increasingly responsible for deploying and managing applications within this architecture, requiring traditionally developer-oriented skills like integration,... Read more
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DevOps. It’s in the Culture, Not Tech.

#F5 DevOps – Managers need to make use of existing technology and adopt culture change. It is entertaining to read all that is currently being written about DevOps. Having been a developer, a development manager, an operations manager, and eve... Read more
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The Secret to Doing Cloud Scalability Right

Hint: The answer lies in being aware of the entire application context and a little pre-planning Thanks to the maturity of load balancing services and technology, dynamically scaling applications in pre-cloud and cloud computing environments is... Read more
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Agent Smith Was Right: Never Send a Human to do a Machine's Job

Devops and infrastructure 2.0 is really trying to scale the last bottleneck in operations: people. But the corollary is also true: don’t think you can depend solely on machines. One of the reasons it’s so easy for folks to fall into the... Read more
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When (Micro)Seconds Matter

In cloud computing environments the clock literally starts ticking the moment an application instance is launched. How long should that take? The term “on-demand” implies right now. In the past, we used the term “real-time” even though what we... Read more
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The Order of (Network) Operations

Thought those math rules you learned in 6thgrade were useless? Think again…some are more applicable to the architecture of your data center than you might think. Remember back when you were in the 6th grade, learning about the order of operations... Read more
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To Take Advantage of Cloud Computing You Must Unlearn, Luke.

Carrying over the provisioning and capacity planning techniques used in a traditional data center to cloud computing negates the full power of the Force cloud computing. One of the benefits of cloud computing is supposed to be efficien... Read more
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