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Cloud is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Ultimately the CAPEX vs OPEX arguments over public and private cloud computing are irrelevant. Business-value is the only metric that really counts. B renda Michelson, Principal of Elemental Links, writes “elemental cloud computing” recently... Read more
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Virtual Infrastructure in Cloud Computing Just Passes the Buck

There are many good reasons to go down the virtual infrastructure road. The illusion that it’s cheaper than dedicated hardware solutions is not one of them. I was reading an interesting predictive article on WAN optimization that contends that... Read more
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The Thing Private Clouds Can Do that Public Clouds Can’t

When an admin brags they can do some task with their eyes closed there may be hidden process inefficiencies that orchestration can uncover. But the orchestration in a public cloud is effectively done for you, with little opportunity to design... Read more
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Infrastructure 2.0 Isn’t Just For Cloud Computing

Operational efficiency in the cloud comes in part from automation and orchestration as well as from the outsourcing of management and maintenance of the hardware. While you can’t achieve the latter without cloud or hosting externally, you ... Read more
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Dear Slashdot: You get what you pay for

Open Source SSL Accelerator solution not as cost effective or well-performing as you think o3 Magazine has a write up on building an SSL accelerator out of Open Source components. It’s a compelling piece, to be sure, that was picked up by... Read more
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