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The Next Cloud Battleground: PaaS

#cloud #PaaS #devops Private will win this one because it already exists in theory Back in the day - when the Internets were exploding and I was still coding - I worked in enterprise architecture. Enterprise architecture, for the record, is... Read more
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Programmability in the Network: Your Errors, Do not Show Them to Me

#devops Errors happen, but your users should never see them. Ever. Every once in a while things happen, like errors. They are as inevitable as winter in Wisconsin, rain in Seattle, and that today someone will post a picture of a cat that shows... Read more
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Enterprise PaaS is about Operations

#PaaS #devops The notion that PaaS exists solely "in the cloud" as a discrete environment of developer services is hampering the maturation of enterprise PaaS The three most common answers to "give me an example of PaaS" are... Read more
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What Applications Want

#SDN #API #devops What is it that applications want, and more importantly, what of those desires can the network fulfill? That's one of the questions SDN has to answer in order to make SDN relevant in the big picture that is th... Read more
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The Polyglot PaaS Platform

#PaaS @rishidot What does that mean? It means operationalizing the platform. Krishnan Subramanian recently posted slides he created for Cloud Connect India on the topic of PaaS. Krish covers drivers and where PaaS is headed and includes in hi... Read more
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Knapsacks, Shopping Carts and Application Workloads

#geek Don't laugh or next week we'll talk fractals and tessellations and nature and tie that back to ERP. Somehow. Don't tempt me. I'm not kidding. The other day I was shopping (on-line of course, because you know, Internets) as ... Read more
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Does Cloud Solve or Increase the 'Four Pillars' Problem?

It has long been said – often by this author – that there are four pillars to application performance: Memory CPU Network Storage As soon as you resolve one in response to application response times, another becomes the bottleneck, even if you... Read more
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Cloud Computing Goes Back to College

The University of Washington adds a cloud computing certificate program to its curriculum It’s not unusual to find cloud computing in a college environment. My oldest son was writing papers on cloud computing years ago in college, before... Read more
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Web 2.0 Killed the Middleware Star

Pondering the impact of cloud and Web 2.0 on traditional middleware messaging-based architectures and PaaS.   It started out innocently enough with a simple question, “What exactly *is* the model for PaaS services scalability? If based... Read more
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The Stealthy Ascendancy of JSON

While everyone was focused on cloud, JSON has slowly but surely been taking over the application development worldIt looks like the debate between XML and JSON may be coming to a close with JSON poised to take the title of preferred format for web... Read more
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Logic Clearly Dictates That Different Things are Different

There are many logical fallacies, some more recognizable than others. Today’s lesson is brought to you by the logical fallacy “equivocation” and the term “multi-tenant”. Definition: Equivocation is sliding between two or more different meanings... Read more
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Let’s Face It: PaaS is Just SOA for Platforms Without the Baggage

At some point in the past few years SOA apparently became a four-letter word (as opposed to just a TLA that leaves a bad taste in your mouth) or folks are simply unwilling – or unable – to recognize the parallels between SOA and cloud computing . ... Read more
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Despite Good Intentions PaaS Interoperability Still Only Skin Deep

Salesforce and Google have teamed up with VMware to promote cloud portability but like beauty that portability is only skin deep. VMware has been moving of late to form strategic partnerships that enable greater portability of applications... Read more
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Is PaaS Just Outsourced Application Server Platforms?

There’s a growing focus on PaaS (Platform as a Service), particularly as Microsoft has been rolling out Azure and VMware continues to push forward with its SpringSource acquisition. Amazon, though generally labeled as IaaS (Infrastructure as a... Read more
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Return of the Web Application Platform Wars

If developers will not write “virtualization aware” applications, who will? The future of application development platforms may be at stake… Right now developers are packaging up applications in virtual machines and deploying them. That’s... Read more
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Virtualization Changes Application Deployment But Not Development

Cloud computing management functionality and standards are right now laser-focused on virtual machines, and most APIs include the ability to stop,start,launch,etc…at that level of the infrastructure. This is because the application is still... Read more
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Do you have the right aaS?

This isn’t all or nothing – focus on the right cloud model for each application and not the entire data center There’s a lot of discussion about why you should choose one cloud computing model over another and all of them miss the point entirely.... Read more
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Approaching cloud standards with end-user focus only is full of fail

If you’re looking at standardization and interoperability efforts only as they relate to providers or end-users then you’re not thinking long term nor are you really considering the potential of cloud computing and virtualization to revolutionize... Read more
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