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How Apps and APIs are Changing the App Acceleration Game

Modern apps are changing. And I’m not just talking about the rush to containerize apps or put them in the cloud. I’m talking about app architectures and, more specifically, the techniques behind them that are having a significant impact on... Read more
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APIs are not Web Pages

Even though web pages might be built from APIs, they are not the same. There’s a tendency, particularly for networkers, to classify applications by the protocols they use. If it uses HTTP, it must be a web app. The thing is that HTTP has become... Read more
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Tuning the TCP Profile, Part Two

More settings to improve TCP performance and enable special capabilities. Read more
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Ops Briefing: AMP HTML and Brotli

I’m not going to start with a reminder of how important app performance is. Let’s just all agree we already know this as the first app economy axiom and get on with the post payload. Actually, I know this is true because I’ve watched a staggering... Read more
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Tuning the TCP Profile, Part One

How to get the most out of the TCP profile. Read more
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When You Can’t Squeeze Another Millisecond Out of Your App

It’s time to look to the network. Developers are often caught between a rock and a hard place. They aren’t allowed to employ the tricks of the trade that can squeeze more performance out of their code because the consequences – technical debt... Read more
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Is TCP's Nagle Algorithm Right for Me?

The Nagle algorithm is one of TCP's most subtle mechanisms. Read more
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Ops Briefing: #HTTP2 Adoption

It’s been just over a year since the HTTP/2 standard was made the “official” HTTP standard. When we’re talking about an entrenched – like dug in and with enough rations to outlast a multi-year siege entrenched – technology, however, it takes a lot... Read more
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Faster TCP: F5 Now Supports TCP Fast Open

In TMOS® version 12.0.0, F5® rolled out support for TCP Fast Open, a new standard that can save the time TCP usually spends in connection setup. Connection setup usually takes one round trip, which can be hundreds of milliseconds in many networks. Read more
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La transition vers HTTP/2, l'envisager, s'y préparer, la réaliser

HTTP/2 est un protocole de transport du contenu Web visant à réduire les faibles d'HTTP en présence de latence et de contenu très morcelé. Read more
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Three things your proxy can’t do unless it’s a full-proxy

Proxies are one of the more interesting (in my no-doubt biased opinion) “devices” in the network. They’re the basis for caching, load balancing, app security, and even app acceleration services. They’re also a bridge between dev and ops and the... Read more
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The Power of the Proxy: Request Routing Memcached

There are three things today that an application needs to survive in today’s demanding world: scale, security, and performance. It is for both reasons of scale and performance that memcached has become such a popular solution in modern... Read more
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F5預測:智慧應用網路趨勢 教育邁向個人化

This is a localised version of the original article here. 科技改變了所有產業,教育也不例外,教育課題從未像今天這樣受到關注。我相信大家都同意教育已歷經了重大的改變,學生和教師不再像以前那樣被局限在一間掛著黑板的教室。 現在,網際網路成為主要的促成機制,學生藉由它聚集在一起,傳播理念和發掘經濟機會。教育資源已成為一個熱門的主題,對學生的學習方式帶來改變。Johns Hopkins大學教育研究與改革中心教授Steven... Read more
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Up for thee but not for me. The struggle is real.

Why servers and stuff are never provisioned to 100% capacity It is an unwritten rule that web/app servers should never, ever pushed to 100% capacity.  Never. Ignoring this unwritten rule will invariably result in the phenomenon we’ll call... Read more
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F5 + Nutanix: Invisible Infrastructure and SDAS Joining Forces

F5 and Nutanix partner to bring the power of invisible infrastructure and software-defined application servers to critical enterprise application. Joint customers benefit from improved availability, scalability, performance, and security enable... Read more
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F5 IoT Ready平台

This blog is adapted from the original post here.   “物聯網“的應用與支持物連網服的各項應用程式正在改變著我們的生活方式。研究顯示運動與健康相關產業部門到2017年有41%的年增長率,將增長到近170萬台設備,在未來幾年隨著越來越多的設備、服裝或感應器成為司空見慣的的事情,職場工作模式的變化將是一個巨大的挑戰。 ... Read more
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Stop Using the Base TCP Profile!

If you're using TCP optimization, take a moment to select a good default profile. Read more
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That’s a Wrap from AWS re:Invent 2015

I wrap it up from AWS re:Invent 2015 from the Venetian Sands. Thanks to you for watching this week and special thanks to our guests, Damir Vrankic, Thomas Stanley, Robert Haynes, Alex Applebaum and Brian Pickering along with Jeanette Geary fo... Read more
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Find F5 at AWS re:Invent 2015

I show you how to find F5 Booth 830 at AWS re:Invent. AWS re:Invent has grown tremendously over the last 4 years and F5 is here to help organizations ensure that their critical app services follow those applications to the cloud. Get a behind th... Read more
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The Impact of the Observer Effect on Microservices Architecture

Application availability is not just the measure of “being up”. Many apps can claim that status. Technically they are running and responding to requests, but at a rate which users would certainly interpret as being down. That’s because excessive... Read more
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Is Your DNS Vulnerable?

A recent report from The Infoblox DNS Threat Index (in conjunction with Internet Identity) shows that phishing attacks has raised the DNS threat level to a record high of 133 for second quarter of 2015, up 58% from the same time last year. The... Read more
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Multiplexing: TCP vs HTTP2

Can you use both? Of course you can! Here comes the (computer) science… One of the big performance benefits of moving to HTTP/2 comes from its extensive use of multiplexing. For the uninitiated, multiplexing is the practice of using a single... Read more
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On Cloud Nine: Lucky 7 questions you have about Singapore’s journey to becoming a Smart Nation

The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) wants to make Singapore the world’s first Smart Nation, and this vision means connecting devices, things and people to provide better quality of life in an era of mobility, urban density, aging population... Read more
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Agility Australia set for success

With less than 24 hours to go before we officially kick-start Agility Australia in Melbourne, preparations are fast under way to ensure this year is its most successful year to date. Agility Australia is the local version of F5 Agility, which is... Read more
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