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F5 Labs 2018 Phishing & Fraud Report

The F5 Labs 2018 Phishing & Fraud Report is out! In this report, the F5 Labs team specifically investigated the rise of phishing and fraud during the 'holiday shopping season,' beginning in October and continuing through January... Read more
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Don’t Take the Impostor’s Bait

Phishing has been around since the dawn of the internet. The term was first used in an AOL Usenet group back in 1996 but it wasn’t until 2003 when many baited hooks and lures started dropping. Popular transaction destinations like PayPal and eBay... Read more
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Liegt die IT-Sicherheit in der Verantwortung der Endgerätenutzer?

Die Meldungen über Angriffe, Phishing-Attacken und vielen anderen IT-Sicherheitslöchern reißen nicht ab.  Laut einem aktuellen Bericht der FAZ über Hackerangriffe auf deutsche Banken, werden bei den heutigen Angriffen... Read more
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Is Your DNS Vulnerable?

A recent report from The Infoblox DNS Threat Index (in conjunction with Internet Identity) shows that phishing attacks has raised the DNS threat level to a record high of 133 for second quarter of 2015, up 58% from the same time last year. The... Read more
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“Phishing you say, well that’s not my problem.”

This posting talks about the importance of protecting against credential theft targeting your employees and customers with phishing attacks. Read to understand what happens to businesses that turn a blind eye towards guarding against phishing. Learn about steps you can take to reduce the effects of such, and help protect your brand and web-facing application users. Read more
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