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Lightboard Lessons: What's in a certificate?

When you visit a "https://" website, you exchange a digital certificate with the web server that hosts that website. But, what exactly is a digital certificate, and what's inside it? Read more
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Ask the Expert – Why SSL Everywhere?

Kevin Stewart, Security Solution Architect, talks about the paradigm shift in the way we think about IT network services, particularly SSL and encryption. Gone are the days where clear text roams freely on the internal network and organization... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Google Leads The Way On Sunsetting SHA-1

SHA-1 (or Secure Hash Algorithm) is a cryptographic algorithm that was developed by the National Security Agency in the 1990s and is widely used in popular cryptographic protocols like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security... Read more
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The Encrypted Elephant in the Cloud Room

#infosec Encrypting data in the cloud is tricky and defies long held best practices regarding key management. New kid on the block Porticor aims to change that. Anyone who’s been around cryptography for a while understands that secure key... Read more
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Dispelling the New SSL Myth

Claiming SSL is not computationally expensive is like saying gas is not expensive when you don’t have to drive to work every day.  My car is eight years old this year. It has less than 30,000 miles on it. Yes, you heard that right, less than... Read more
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The New Certificate 2048 My Performance

SSL is a cryptographic protocol used to secure communications over the internet.  SSL ensures secure end-to-end transmission and is implemented in every Web browser.  It can also be used to secure email, instant messaging and VoIP... Read more
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Whenever keys, certificates, and PKI enter into a security solution’s architecture the solution almost always becomes overly complex. DNSSEC is no exception, but it doesn’t have to be. DNS plays a role in every application on the Internet. It is... Read more
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Will you Comply or just Check the Box?

Some of both, apparently.  A recent Ponemon Institute PCI-DSS Compliance survey revealed that 71% of companies actually admitted that data security is not a top priority and 55% say they are only protecting credit card data and not other... Read more
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Keys to the Kingdom

According to various history sites, the earliest known lock to be key operated was from Egypt, some 4000 years ago.  It was wooden and actually used moveable pegs that fell into holes to secure the ‘bolt.’  The wooden key would move the... Read more
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Telecommute your way to a greener bottom line

For the past eight years I've been telecommuting, first for Network Computing Magazine and now for F5. In fact, Don and I have been telecommuters (or teleworkers, depending on whom you ask) for so long that our children don't realize that... Read more
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OMG! A VPN can secure connections into cloud computing hosted services

SC Magazine reports that (1) cloud computing environments may not be very secure and (2) a VPN can improve the security of cloud computing environments. Countering cloud computing threats via SC Magazine Technology such as two-factor... Read more
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