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DevCentral Top5 09/25/2009

Side-projects and behind the scenes activities abound as the DevCentral team works towards the next goal on our plans for world domination, carefully sketched on Jeff's whiteboard. I'm glad to say that the extended DC team has been... Read more
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Turn Your Podcast Into A Interactive Live Streaming Experience

The folks here on the DevCentral team have been producing a weekly podcast for a while now.  Trying to keep our budget low, we opted to copy what some other podcasters were doing by making use of Skype for our audio communication and found ... Read more
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Listen To DevCentral Live!

This week marks a major milestone for us here at DevCentral: we have reached our 100th weekly Podcast!  To celebrate, we are going to try some new formats and the first one of these is user interaction!  Starting today, we will be... Read more
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Cloud Computing’s (not so) Best Kept Secret

Cloud providers know the secret to a successful cloud computing implementation is integration between the infrastructure and virtualization Ever notice that cloud providers are v e r y reluctant to reveal on what foundation their cloud computing... Read more
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Podcast Links (3 April 2008)

Podcast: 3 April 2008 My Tech Tip for this week: LTM: Action on Service Down Forums posts I mentioned: scheduled service time for VS - want to put your virtual server in & out of maintenance mode ...by browsing to it? Check out th... Read more
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Can a podcast get a referral bonus?

Jeff, Colin and I just finished up a set of training sessions to our new sales and SE folks about all the goodness that is DevCentral, iRules, and iControl.  We had an hour and a half and the "plan" was 30 minutes DevCentral (Jeff)... Read more
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