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Despite Good Intentions PaaS Interoperability Still Only Skin Deep

Salesforce and Google have teamed up with VMware to promote cloud portability but like beauty that portability is only skin deep. VMware has been moving of late to form strategic partnerships that enable greater portability of applications... Read more
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The Other Hybrid Cloud Architecture

When co-location meets cloud computing the result is control, consistency, agility, and operational cost savings. Generally speaking when the term “hybrid” as an adjective to describe a cloud computing model it’s referring to the combining of a... Read more
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I Have a Dream

If we do it right, cloud interoperability could be as easy as a URL rewrite – a la API refactoring. Not kidding. Question is, can we do it right? Watching the emergence of a new technology is both fascinating and frustrating. In the case of... Read more
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Meh. It’s Just Data.

All the applause over Google’s Data Liberation Front announcement and blogs is making my head hurt. Or maybe that’s the lack of sleep. Either way, it’s disconcerting to me that so many bright people are choosing to make much of what is just a... Read more
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The Cloud Metastructure Hubub

How Infrastructure 2.0 might leverage publish-subscribe technology like PubSubHubub to enable portability of applications across clouds and data centers Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. One of the topics surrounding cloud... Read more
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Cloud computing is not Burger King. You can’t have it your way. Yet.

Don’t confuse computing services with infrastructure services. We aren’t there yet. The subtext to the cloud computing discussion is subtle, as is the wont of subtext. But it is clear that underlying all the concerns about cloud computing is a... Read more
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OVF: A few layers short of a full stack

OVF (Open Virtualization Format) apparently just isn’t getting enough mindshare out there in the discussions of cloud computing that focus on portability and interoperability. The goal of OVF is to provide a portable, interoperable non-vendor... Read more
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Interoperability between clouds requires more than just VM portability

The issue of application state and connection management is one often discussed in the context of cloud computing and virtualized architectures. That's because the stress placed on existing static infrastructure due to the potentially rapid... Read more
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Who owns application delivery meta-data in the cloud?

While the vast majority of folks are still debating what is or is not "cloud computing", there are already groups trying to get ahead of the curve by focusing on broader issues such as interoperability and portability. Indeed, by... Read more
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Cloud interoperability must dig deeper than the virtualization layer

Open APIs are a matter of much discussion these days in the realm of cloud computing. Just take a peek at the discussion that occurred via Twitter during Cloud Connect. Many folks were not shy in putting forth the notion that cloud portability and... Read more
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Cloud Computing: Location is important, but not the way you think

The debate this week is on location, specifically we're back arguing over whether there exist such things as "private" clouds. Data Center Knowledge has a good recap of some of the opinions out there on the subject, and of course I... Read more
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