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The Many Faces of DDoS: Variations on a Theme or Two

Many denial of service attacks boil down to the exploitation of how protocols work and are, in fact, very similar under the hood. Recognizing these themes is paramount to choosing the right solution to mitigate the attack. When you look across the... Read more
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Turning the Pushdo Bot Into the Push-oh-no-you-don’t Bot

Options to put a stop to the latest mutation of the Pushdo trojan The Pushdo bot is a malevolent little beast that is nothing new to Infosec professionals. What might be new, however, is that it recently changed its code and now creates junk... Read more
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Clickjacking Protection Using X-FRAME-OPTIONS Available for Firefox

But browser support is only half the solution, don’t forget to implement the server-side, too. Clickjacking, unlike more well-known (and understood) web application vulnerabilities, has been given scant amount of attention despite its risks and... Read more
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I am in your HTTP headers, attacking your application

Zero-day IE exploits and general mass SQL injection attacks often overshadow potentially more dangerous exploits targeting lesser known applications and attack vectors. These exploits are potentially more dangerous because once proven through a... Read more
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Stop brute force listing of HTTP OPTIONS with network-side scripting

Over the holidays Marcin @ tssci security offered up a python script for brute forcing the HTTP OPTIONS on directories. One of the reasons someone would want this information is because if you're (accidentally, of course) allowing PUT methods... Read more
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