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Behind the Scenes: The F5 Private Cloud Solution Package for Red Hat OpenStack  – Measuring Success

F5 and Red Hat have just released our Private Cloud Solution Package for OpenStack. There are all kinds of marketing pieces which describe this package, what it includes, how to buy it, and what the target market looks like. I wanted to take a few... Read more
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Totally Unscientific SDN and Cloud Survey Results

#SDN #Cloud #F5 #agility2013 #SDDC #devops We did some question asking during SDN sessions at F5's Agility conference. Here's what we discovered about ... everything that's a buzzword Before you get any further, let me reiterate -... Read more
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Private Cloud is not a Euphemism for Managing Hardware

#cloud #infosec #devops Private cloud is about management, but not about hardware As with every technology, definitions almost immediately become muddled when it becomes apparent that the technology is going to "change the world." SDN i... Read more
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Public, Private and Enterprise Cloud: Economy of Scale versus Efficiency of Scale

What distinguishes these three models of cloud computing are the business and operational goals for which they were implemented and the benefits derived. A brief Twitter conversation recently asked the question how one would distinguish between... Read more
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F5 Friday: The Evolution of Reference Architectures to Repeatable Architectures

A reference architecture is a solution with the “some assembly required” instructions missing.     As a developer and later an enterprise architect, I evaluated and leveraged untold number of “reference architectures.”... Read more
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Focus of Cloud Implementation Depends on the Implementer

Public cloud computing is about capacity and scale on-demand, private cloud computing however, is not. Legos. Nearly every child has them, and nearly every parent knows that giving a child a Lego “set” is going to end the same way: the... Read more
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The Inevitable Eventual Consistency of Cloud Computing

An IDC survey highlights the reasons why private clouds will mature before public, leading to the eventual consistency of public and private cloud computing frameworks Network Computing recently reported on a very interesting research survey... Read more
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The Thing Private Clouds Can Do that Public Clouds Can’t

When an admin brags they can do some task with their eyes closed there may be hidden process inefficiencies that orchestration can uncover. But the orchestration in a public cloud is effectively done for you, with little opportunity to design... Read more
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Cloud Computing versus Cloud Data Centers

Isolation of resources in “the cloud” is moving providers toward hosted data centers and away from shared resource computing. Do we need to go back to the future and re-examine mainframe computing as a better model for isolated applications... Read more
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Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Makes Internal Cloud bursting Reality

How to leverage a “private virtual cloud” such as Amazon VPC with your own dynamic infrastructure A couple of blog posts on Amazon’s recent announcement of its VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) have made much of the fact that the resources... Read more
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We Don’t Know What Cloud Is But What We’re Doing It

Survey says IT still doesn’t agree on the definition of cloud – private or public – but everybody is doing it Every organization with a stake in cloud computing’s predicted billions of dollar market is interested in understanding what it is IT... Read more
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Putting the Cloud Before the Horse

Without processes the cloud is not a cloud   So you’ve virtualized your application infrastructure using VMware or Microsoft or the “virtualization solution de jour.” You probably also virtualized the application access via an application... Read more
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The Business Intelligence--Cloud Paradox

Simultaneously one of the best use-cases for cloud as well as the worst. What’s IT to do? David Linthicum, SOA and cloud pundit and all-around interesting technology guy, recently pointed out a short post on business intelligence (BI) vendors... Read more
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And the Killer App for Private Cloud Computing Is…

Automating components is easy. It’s automating processes that’s hard. The premise that if you don’t have an infrastructure comprised solely of Infrastructure 2.0 components then you cannot realize an automated, on-demand data center is, in fact,... Read more
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Cloud Strategy: Apathy or Architecture?

What’s driving your organizational interest in cloud? Is it apathy or is it architecture? The whole debate surrounding the existence, or non-existence as it were, of “private” clouds seems to revolve around the definition of cloud. Yes, we’re... Read more
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I say cloud, you say grid

With more and more focus on cloud computing one theme seems to be running consistently: the "cloud" is public, and anyone who claims to be building a "private" cloud, a.k.a. mini-cloud or enterprise cloud, is just doing it... Read more
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