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To Err is Human

#devops Automating incomplete or ineffective processes will only enable you to make mistakes faster – and more often. Most folks probably remember the play on "to err is human…" proverb when computers first began to take over, well,... Read more
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Data Center Feng Shui: Process Equally Important as Preparation

Like Subway, too often we fail to recognize that ingredients is only half a successful recipe. Process is the other half.   The response from sufferer’s of Celiac Disease (and similar conditions) to Subway’s announcement it was trying out... Read more
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When (Micro)Seconds Matter

In cloud computing environments the clock literally starts ticking the moment an application instance is launched. How long should that take? The term “on-demand” implies right now. In the past, we used the term “real-time” even though what we... Read more
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Infrastructure Integration: Metadata versus API

Infrastructure 2.0 requires collaboration. Collaboration requires the ability to communicate. The ability to communicate requires integration. But how that integration will happen may shape the future of infrastructure and network... Read more
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Load Balancing on the Inside

Business critical internal processing systems often require high-availability and fault tolerance, too. Load balancing and application delivery is almost always associated with scaling out interactive, web-based applications. Rarely does anyone... Read more
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SOA Announces Comeback Tour

Finding new life for SOA in the cloud We’ve been having quite a few discussions with analysts over the past few months on the subject of “cloud”. The interesting thing about these discussions is the vast array of points of view from which those... Read more
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SOA Governance: Process not Product

Did you ever notice that "governance" and "compliance" have the same nearly ominous tone to them? It's as if they should be preceded by some dark music normally associated with a Vincent Price movie. The two are also... Read more
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