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Back to Basics: The Theory of (Performance) Relativity

#webperf #ado Choice of load balancing algorithms is critical to ensuring consistent and acceptable performance   One of the primary reasons folks use a Load balancer is scalability with a secondary driver of maintaining performance. We... Read more
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1024 Words: Honey IT Badger Don’t Care

1024 Words: Honey IT Badger Don’t Care Read more
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DevCentral Top5 08/07/2009

As the extended DevCentral crew continues to crank through the summer months, churning out more and more awesome content, there is lots to see. Whether you're looking for short, easily consumable pieces of media to get you pointed in the right... Read more
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A Formula for Quantifying Productivity of Web Applications

Ever wanted to prove or understand how the network impacts productivity? There is a formula for that… We often talk in abstract terms about the affects of application performance on productivity. It seems to make sense that if an application is... Read more
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The Data Center Declaration of Independence

When in the course of deploying applications, it becomes necessary for administrators to dissolve the technical shackles which have connected them to products, and to assume among the powers of IT, the separate and equal station to which... Read more
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Amazing Application Acceleration: Simultaneously improve productivity, efficiency, and performance

As a general rule, we spend far more time worrying about external appearances than we do internal. We are more concerned with our external web applications and how they look - and perform - than we are likely to regarding our intranet or internal... Read more
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